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Home Learning Week Beginning 13.07.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


This is our last week of home learning before the summer holidays. It's been a bit of a strange school year hasn't it? But I think you have all been amazing and I am very proud of each and every one of you. 


This school year wasn't just about home learning though, before that we had some brilliant times together as a class. Do you remember the fun we had on the Santa Dash or everyone's fabulous costumes on World Book Day? What is your favourite memory of our school year together?


For the children moving into Class 3, I have met your lovely new teacher and told her how lucky she is to have you all in her new class. She is very excited about meeting you all and I know that you will like her very much. For the children staying with me in Class 2, I have been telling Mrs Miller how wonderful you all are and we have been planning lots of fun and exciting activities to get our year off to a great start. Perhaps you could do some of the activities below for your teacher next year?


I hope you all have a great time over the summer holidays. Thank you for being such a wonderful class and for working so hard all year. 


Love From Mrs Tordoff

This School Year Was Different

An End of School Year Prayer

Home Learning Week Beginning 06.07.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


I'd like to start this week by saying a huge 'THANK YOU' to all of you and your families. I really enjoyed talking to you all on the phone recently and I am absolutely amazed by all of the wonderful things that you have been doing at home. If there was a Blue Peter Badge for being resilient and resourceful then you would all have earned it by now!


I would also like to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to Miss Beedham and all of the other staff at school who have worked so hard to keep our school open, and very safe, for the children whose parents are key workers. 


Finally, I'd like to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to all of the key workers who continue to make sure that we all have everything that we need in order to stay happy and healthy. I wish that there was a special Blue Peter Rainbow Badge for you all, because you most certainly deserve it!


This week the Blue Peter Six Badges of Summer challenge is all about saying 'Thank You' in order to earn your Blue Badge. So who would you like to say thank you to? Can you think of a brilliant way to say thank you?


Our story this week is called 'Ten Thank-You Letters' and it is about a rabbit who writes lots of lovely letters to people to thank them for all of the special things that they have done. Can you write a thank you letter to somebody? You could post it to them, which is great fun, or you could write your letter and send it by email. 


Whatever you decide to do this week, at least remember to say thank you to the people in your house for all of the things that they do for you.


Stay safe everyone!


Ten Thank-You Letters by Daniel Kirk

A Prayer of Thanks

Home Learning Week Beginning 29.06.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


Now, I know how much you all love our music lessons in school so you'll be pleased to hear that this week is Music Week! Music is very clever because it can make us feel lots of different emotions. It can make us feel happy or relaxed, it can make us feel like dancing and it can even bring back memories! Music is so easy to create as well, you don't need to have any instruments, you can just use your hands to clap or your voice to sing.


This week, the Blue Peter Six Badges of Summer is the Music badge, which was designed by Ed Sheeran. So how will you enjoy music this week? Whether you are listening to it, creating it or moving to it, please remember to send me some photos or a video to the school email address because I have some lovely music-themed virtual stickers ready to email back to you!


Our story this week is called 'Allegro'. Allegro is an Italian word which means happy and lively and I hope Music Week makes you happy too.


Stay safe and enjoy the music!


A Prayer to Sing - The Our Father

Addition & Subtraction. Solved.

From the innovators who bring you Times Tables Rock Stars, comes a highly engaging platform for learning to add and subtract… NumBots!

NumBots is all about every child achieving the “triple win” of understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction, so that they move from counting to calculating.

Suitable from Year 1 (UK) upwards. Younger players (FS2) will be able to access the early stages from a mathematical point of view but will find it increasingly harder to reach the level of fluency required to make progress within the Numbots levels.

Home Learning Week Beginning 22.06.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


As you know, we have been very excited in my house about the Blue Peter Six Badges of Summer Challenge! This week is the second week of the challenge and we are hoping to earn our Sports Badge. To earn this badge, we need to challenge ourselves to try a new physical activity and I think it would be great if you could challenge yourselves to do this too! So, we are going to do yoga every day using the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos (see the link below). What could you do? Perhaps you could set up an obstacle course in your garden? Or perhaps do a five day skipping challenge? You could even do something sponsored for charity! It's great to be outside in the fresh air, and keeping our bodies and minds healthy is especially important at the moment, for children as well as grown ups. 


 Whatever you decide to do this week, please let me know, if you can, by sending an email or photos to the school email address.


Stay safe everyone!

The Grateful Giraffe - A Yoga Book for Kids


My prayer for you....

Home Learning Week Beginning 15.06.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!

Well, this week is officially the beginning of the next season of the year...                                                    ...Summer!

So, how does the world around us change in Summer? Well, the weather is supposed to be a bit nicer, we should have more sunny days and it should feel a bit hotter. Have you noticed that it gets lighter much earlier in the morning now and it stays light until very late at night? There will be some rainy days too and we call these 'summer showers'. It is good to have rainy days in the summer because plants in the garden and crops in the fields get very thirsty and the ground can be really dry if there is no rain.  All the birds and wildlife enjoy the summer showers too. You do have to be very careful though on summer days because the sun can burn your skin, so you must remember to wear a hat and sun-cream and drink plenty of water too. 

This week the weather forecast says that we are going to have some sunny days and some rainy days. Well, whatever you decide to do, please get in touch and let us know what you are up to. I'd love to hear from you and I'd also like to know how you are getting on if you are working towards one of Blue Peter's Six Badges of Summer.


Stay safe and don't forget to Slip, Slop, Slap!



Despicable Me 2 Sun Safety Campaign

Can you make a poster or a leaflet to tell others about sun safety?

I See Summer by Charles Ghigna

Can you write some rhyming couplets about the things that you see in this first week of summer?

A Summer Prayer

Home Learning Week Beginning 08.06.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!

I hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather that we had during the half term break, I'm sure you have managed to have lots of fun in the sun!

When I last saw you all, we were really enjoying learning about the seaside and we had started to look at how plastic pollution is affecting the oceans. Do you remember the book we shared called 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'? Remember all the things that happened when Stanley the carrier bag ended up in the ocean?

Well, you will be happy to hear that tomorrow is 'World Oceans Day'. It's an amazing way to learn all about our oceans and why we all need to look after them. I'm so excited! It's going to be a great day and there will be lots of exciting and interesting things to see and do all day long if you go to this website:


Then for the rest of the week, there are some brilliant activities on this website that you can do at home to help you understand how plastic pollution is affecting our oceans:

I'm also very excited about starting the Blue Peter's 6 Badges of Summer this week. Do you want to get involved with Blue Peter's Six Badges of Summer? There are six weeks of great things to do and join in with. You can apply for an exclusive wall chart to keep track of how you're doing and some cool stickers too. If you want to apply for stickers to add to your wall chart you need to ask a grown-up to include your details when they are uploading a picture or video. Here are more details about how to get involved:

Join in for the Six Badges of Sumer | Blue Peter | CBBC

There are also some new maths and literacy activities below. They are there for you to work your way through over the next half term. Remember to keep practising reading and writing the spellings in your orange book, learn your times tables and read as many brilliant books as you can.


Stay safe, have fun and remember to send us photos of all the fabulous things that you are doing!

Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts

A Morning Prayer

Home Learning Week Beginning 18.05.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


Are you ready for an interesting fact? The very first 'National Nature Week' in Britain was on this week in May - 57 years ago! Next week is also 'National Children's Gardening Week'....... so I think it's time to take our learning outside! We can't go very far at the moment, but our gardens, local parks and walks are full of interesting things to learn and fun things to do. There are some ideas and activities below for you to have a go at but I'd love you to try some of you own ideas too - be as creative as you like! Perhaps you could create a piece of land art like the famous artist Andy Goldsworthy or maybe you fancy creating some dance moves to a piece of music called 'Flight of the Bumblebee'?  Remember to send me some photos or a video, if you can, to the school email address - I'd really love to see your creations.


Please keep practising the words in your orange spelling books, learn your times tables and read as many brilliant books as you can. 


Stay safe and have fun!

Plants Can't Sit Still

Look around your garden or when you are out for a walk, can you see plants moving?

The Lost Bee (Flight of the Bumblebee Music)

Melody listens to the sounds of nature in the park. She also listens to a piece of music called 'Flight of the Bumblebee' by Rimsky Korsakov. Is this music fast or slow? What instruments can you hear? Can you add some movements to the music?

Artist Study: Andy Goldsworthy - Land Art

Can you make a piece of land art like Andy Goldsworthy? Here are some ideas:

Prayer of Thanks for Nature

Daily Acts of Kindness

Home Learning Week Beginning 11.05.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


I hope you are all staying safe at home and having fun with your families. Hopefully, you will have managed to find some extra time to play with your toys because I know you all have some fabulous toys that you miss playing with when you are at school. We really enjoyed our history topic in the autumn term when we looked at toys from the past and compared them to toys that we play with now, so I thought it would be fun to use our toys to help us with our learning this week. You could even set up your own toy shop using some of your favourite toys! (Don't worry - you don't really have to sell them!)


If you have any photos of your learning that you would like to show me, please ask a grown up to email them to school.


Stay safe and have fun!

The Old Toy Room


Can you create your own prayer to thank God for your toys and for the people who gave them to you?

Home Learning Week Beginning 04.05.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


This week you will hear lots of people talking about VE day. VE stands for 'Victory in Europe' which was something that happened 75 years ago, near the end of a big war when some countries had been fighting each other. People were so happy that the war was coming to an end because it had been very dangerous and scary. Some children even had to leave their families to go and live in safe places in the countryside, these children were called evacuees. Shirley Hughes (the lady who wrote 'Dogger') tells us about an evacuee in her story 'The Lion and the Unicorn', which has a nice, happy ending - you can listen to the story by clicking on the video that I have added below. 


So, there were lots of celebrations on VE day and because it is 75 years ago this year since the first VE day celebrations, people had planned lots of big parties. But we are not allowed to go to big parties at the moment because we need to stay safe at home, so we have to find fun ways to celebrate at home instead. I hope these activities will help you to understand what VE day is and how we can celebrate safely at home.


Please remember, if you can, to email photos to school of anything that you do to celebrate VE day.


Stay safe and have fun Wise Owls!

The Lion and the Unicorn - by Shirley Hughes

Why do we celebrate VE day?

Learn how to Lindy Hop!

A Prayer for VE Day

Home Learning Week Beginning 27.04.2020:

Hello Wise Owls!


This week, I thought it would be great fun to make a 'Home Learning Time Capsule'.


Before starting to create your capsule, you could talk about what time capsules are and how you, as a family, can create your own based upon this current situation.

(The lovely Mrs May explains what a time capsule is in the story video below.) 


In the future, people will look back upon this time as a major event in our history because this situation won't last forever - but it will be remembered. 


You can complete the following activities or just create your own sheets to put in your time capsule. Once you have all the information that you want to share, put the finished sheets in a labelled time capsule box (doesn't need to be a fancy box - a shoe box will do) then store the box somewhere safe and dry. You could also add some objects to your box or photographs of you and your family.


I have also included a 'Home Learning Diary Sheet' which you can fill in every week if you want to.


Have fun!

The Time Capsule - Oxford Reading Tree

A Prayer for the Future

Home Learning Week Beginning 20.04.2020:

NHS Appreciation Week


Hello Class 2,

You will have heard everyone talking a lot recently about something called the NHS - this means the National Health Service. We are very lucky to have a National Health Service because not every country has this service and in a lot of countries, including America, you have to pay a fee every time you visit a Doctor or Nurse! So this week our home learning is all about the NHS and showing that we are thankful for all the people who work for the NHS and for everything that they do. I have lots and lots of reasons to be thankful for the NHS and for the people who work in hospitals. This photo is of just a few of the amazing people (and a big machine!) that helped my mum feel better when she was very poorly.

Remember, if you would like to show any of your home learning to your friends and teachers, then email photos to school and we will share them on our school Facebook page.

Stay safe everyone!

Daisy the Doctor

NHS Prayer

Home Learning Week Beginning 13.04.2020:

Home Learning Week Beginning 06.04.2020

Holy Week

Hosanna Rock

Eggs-traordinary times call for eggs-traordinary creativity.

Want something fun to do? Want to send out a bit of positivity across the planet?

Take part in the eggs-citing global #collaboreggs2020 challenge and put a smile on everyone’s faces. Anyone can join in, young or old. You can take part wherever

you are in the world.

Show your creative side around the theme of Easter. You don’t have to be artistic or good at art. Just go for it. Use your imagination and share your creation.

Will your design be one of the daily winners?

Follow the link below for more details and how to enter this fabulous challenge...

Reading and Storytime



National Scribble Day (27th March) inspires children to kindness through art. Children’s scribbles become more than just scribbles when eyes and a smile are added. Somehow a personality leaps onto the page and with it, encouragement for children to grow and express themselves.


The day is based upon a book called 'I am not just a scribble' -see link below. The book is about kindness and acceptance and also encourages children to create art regardless of their artistic ability. 

Families can participate at home by bringing out the crayons and art supplies. Kids (and adults!) of all ages can get creative with their scribbles. Art is an excellent way to relieve anxiety at this difficult time and there are no lines to stay between here! Here are some fun ways to enjoy creating scribbles:

  • Share the book 'I'm Not Just a Scribble'. (See the YouTube link below)
  • Challenge your household to scribble sudsy scribbles – you know, ones that use the right amount of soap when they wash their hands.
  • Have fun naming your scribbles.
  • Turn your final scribbles into a game of who’s who. For example, whose scribble looks most like The Queen or Harry Potter?
  • Write a story about your scribble.

Please share your scribbles and their names/stories on our

school Facebook Page


I'm Not Just A Scribble by Diane Alber - Videobook For Kids

Scribble is a real work of art but he didn't know he was different than the rest of the drawings until he met House. House didn't want to play with Scribble ...

Physical Activity

Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure Roc k & Roll kids dance class

Disney themed dance classes with Oti LIVE on Facebook every day at 11.30am

Art & Design

Cartoon Workshop Lesson 1 - Part 1: Faces

Because Class 2 love to draw stick people!

Cartoon Workshop Lesson 1 - Part 2: Ageing

Artist Pete McKee will guide you through the basics of character development, part 2 will focus on ageing your faces. So grab a pen, pencil or whatever you c...

Cartoon Workshop Lesson 1 - Part 3: Bodies

Artist Pete McKee will guide you through the basics of character development. In this episode we'll be adding bodies to our characters. So grab a pen, pencil...

Boredom Busters!

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