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Autumn Term 1

Week 8


Happy Birthday to Michael Monkey!


This week we have been very busy getting ready for Michael Monkey's birthday party on Friday. We talked about everything that we would need to help him celebrate and then got busy making him cards, writing party invitations, having mini parties in the home corner, looking through magazines to find presents and making cloud dough cakes and buns. We also made rice crispy buns and tied it in with science week by talking about how chocolate melts when it is warm and hardens when it is cooled. On Friday we had a fantastic party and Michael loved it! We sang happy birthday and played pass the parcel- Michael won a banana!


Week 7


A Busy Week!


We have been very busy bees this week! As well as having lots to do in the classroom, such as counting ladybirds, building bridges with the blocks and practising writing our names, on Monday we had a visit from a real police officer- very exciting! He told us about his job, showed us his uniform and important equipment, and explained how he uses them to keep himself and other people safe. We loved trying on his hat, vest and reflective jacket, although they were very big and very heavy!


On Thursday we had our first visit to church for the school's welcome mass. We sat right at the front as Father Martin and Class 4 led the service. Although we were there a very long time we did fantastic sitting and listening- Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sanderson were so proud that all of us went on the rainbow!

Week 6


People Who Help Us


As part of our ‘Why do you love me so much?’ topic, this week we have been thinking about people who help us. We talked about different roles and jobs in the community and thought about what they do to help us- we knew that fire men and women put out fires, police officers keep us safe and put bad people in jail, and we learned that the word for an ambulance driver is a paramedic- we know that they look after people who are really poorly or hurt. We also found out that builders help us by making houses for us to live in, mechanics help us by fixing our broken cars and plumbers help us when the bath is broken or the toilet is blocked!

On Tuesday we started turning an old cardboard box into a fire engine, which was really fun! First, we helped to cut some windows in to it, then we painted it red and finally we added four black wheels and a blue siren on the top. It looks fantastic and we love playing in it just as much as we loved making it!

We have also been practising a song called ‘Five Little Fireman’ and are doing really well with the actions! You could have a go at singing it at home (youtube- Singing Hands: Five Little Firemen - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language).

Week 5


Foundation 1 Parent Topic Session


We finished another busy week by inviting parents to come and join the children to find out about our current topic "Why do you love me so much?". Everyone had the opportunity to join in a variety of activities both inside and outside our setting. We made our favourite foods using playdough and we decorated a biscuit to give to someone that we love. We were very busy in the creative area, drawing, cutting and getting sticky fingers while making a self-portait of ourselves! Parents had to work hard too - they had to write down what they love about their child on a heart shaped label for us to put up on our topic display.


Thank you to everyone for coming to our topic session. What a fun filled morning in Foundation 1! smiley

Week 4


Stick Man!


As our very first story of the week we have read Stick Man, which we have absolutely loved! We have read the book, watched clips from the animation, made play dough stick men, used sticks instead of paintbrushes to paint with, sequenced the story, counted with sticks and been on a stick hunt! What a busy week!

Week 3


Collective Worship


On Friday we had our first collective worship session together. We sat in a circle, listened to soft music and took a moment to be calm and quiet.  We talked about who God is: Tyrese said that "God's Special", Georgie said that "God is kind" and Caitlyn said that "God is good".  We said a prayer together thanking God for looking after us and loving us.

Week 2


Our First PE Session and Our New Sandpit!


This week we had our first PE session in the hall.  We started by doing a warm up stretch, then played a traffic light game and finished off with a cool down stretch.  We had so much fun and were ready for a rest afterwards (Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pratt definitely were!)  Everybody tried so hard and Fay was given the medal for best effort this week- well done :-)


Mr Simms finished off our new GIANT sandpit in the outdoor area and we got to play in it for the first time on Thursday.  We absolutely love it!  We used buckets and spades to build sandcastles and some of us even buried our legs- it was just like being at the seaside!

Week 1


Welcome to Nursery!


This week we have had lots of fun getting settled in- starting nursery is a big change for our new boys and girls and, for those children who have returned to our class, there are lots of new friends to make and things to get used to after the long summer holidays.

It is also a big change for Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pratt, who have returned from maternity leave, and for Mrs Sanderson after a year of working with Miss Olive, so we are all in this together!

Here are some photos of our first week in FS1- exploring our indoor and outdoor classroom, making friends and having fun!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.