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Autumn Term 1

Week 8


Today we began testing how good play dough is as a conductor.  The children began by deciding if play dough would allow an electrical current to pass through it.  They then tested their theory and found that yes it would.  Tomorrow we will investigate if the shape of the playdough impacts on its ability to conduct the electrical flow.

Play dough as a conductor

Week 8


Our Collective worship this week centered around friendship, children discussed a quote by Muhammed Ali that looked at how friendship was learnt.  The children then wrote how friendship was defined to them.  
We also designed, made and evaluated scones that were made to sell as part of our class enterprise project.

Well done Class 4!

Week 8


Wow, what a busy start to the week! This morning Class 4 designed and made cupcakes as part of our enterprise project.  We focused on developing positive working relations with our peers to produce the buns as well as developing our understanding of food technology, healthy eating and product evaluation.  Awesome Class 4!

Week 7


Have a look at Class 4 continuing to develop their love, understanding, appreciation and skills in music!


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Week 7

Take a look at our amazing Spanish, the children have worked incredibly hard to develop their understanding of the language and their pronunciation.

Well done Class 4!


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Sapnish greetings

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Week 7


We began the week with Yoga and Mindfulness to get us into the right frame of mind for work.  The children really enjoyed the session and are becoming alot better at the Yoga poses.

We also got our heart beats up using Gonoodle and developed our coordination skills.

Well done Class 4!

Week 6 Health and Wellbeing


Wow this week has been jam packed!  Today we took part in a Ready, Steady cook off as part of our health and wellbeing week.  The red tomatoes made a fruit smoothie featuring blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, banana, milk and yoghurt.  For those with allergies, we substituted the dairy for orange juice.

The green peppers made a fruit salad featuring apples, pears, oranges, melon, kiwi and grapes.  This then had orange juice put on as a preservative.  The Green peppers were the winners - Well done!

Week 6 - Let's get sticky


Thank you to Dr Lemon our Governor who donated the cage and stick insects for Class 4 Beast Creator topic - the children were amazed when they arrived today!


Week 6- Health and well-being week


Taste testing today as part of our understanding of the principles of a healthy and varied diet.  The children are trying a range of fruits that they may put into their healthy smoothie design.

Taste testing

Week 6


Well done to one of our Year 4 girls and her dance partner, who gave up their time today to demonstrate how to maintain good physical health through dance.  They also explained how it takes hours of dedication each week to to progress in their profession. They were amazing.  Well done!

Using manipulative's to justify a number and support our math understanding

Week 5


This week Class 4 have used manipulative's to help support our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction problems.  Well done Class 4.

Week 5 - PE


This week Class 4 began the week by developing their coordination and ball control in football.  They focused on aiming for a target, precision and being a good, supportive team member.  Well done Class 4.

Week 4


During our Literacy lessons this week, the children have continued to read the book Beetle Boy by MG Leonard.  We have used our knowledge of Darkus to develop our diary writing using the skill to 'show and not tell'.  We have looked at emotions and how to show these in our writing by describing what happens to the body when you experience that feeling.  We have then begun writing our diary as the character Darkus and recounting the events of the day his father mysteriously disappeared.

Week 4 - Collective Worship - Friendship


After a brilliant visit from some Barnsley Football Club players to celebrate our amazing completion of our Aldi schools sticker collection, Class 4 completed Collective Worship.

Our focus this week was friendship and after watching a BBC video we reflected on what would make a friendship code. 


What would you put in a “Friendship Code”?



Lord, help us to understand the meaning of friendship and to be a true friend to those close to us.


Class 4 Friendship Code

Collective Worship week 4






Treat as family

Have each others back

No lies




Gives Support



Week 4 - The Butterfly House Visit


This week the children had the opportunity to explore habitats further by visiting the Butterfly House at Anston in Sheffield.  Children learnt more about mammals, habitats, how creatures use their senses to adapt and survive and then held different creatures including Giant Spiny stick insects, skinks, tortoises and chicks.  A brilliant day!

Week 3 - Class 4 - Collective Worship


This weeks collective worship continues to focus on family which is part of our current RE topic.  Therefore we looked at Exodus 20:12 'Honor your father and your mother, that your days be long in the land that our Lord God gives you'.  We then discussed what family means to us and sang the song 'We are family' by Sister Sledge.

Week 3


This week our science focus has been to further develop our knowledge or habitats.  The children have solved riddles to match pictures of creatures to habitats, used aerial photos of the school to identify where they think a creatures habitat would be, then created a woodlice habitat to carry an investigation into which conditions a woodlice prefers.  The children had the opportunity to study the mini beasts through microscopes and then watched how they moved around their habitats to find their preference.  The children discovered that the woodlice preferred dark and moist environments, which they concluded best represented the dark, damp places they are found outside - under plant pots, rocks and logs.

Week 2


Well done to all who took part in our class council elections, our winners wowed everyone with their manifestos to support the social and emotional well being of the other children, whilst also helping to reduce litter in the playground and encouraging recycling.  Brilliant!

We have also had a tough assessment week so well done to all the children who tried their best and gave each test their all.  Fab work Class 4!

Collective Worship


This week our collective worship was focused on family and love, the prayer group designed the worship around a reading from the Corinthians 13:4-7 'Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;[a] it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things'.

The children then asked the class to complete a role play on family and love, Well done Class 4!

Student Council Winners

Week 1

Welcome to our first week back!  The children have worked really hard this week to make inferences from our new class novel 'Beetle Boy' by M.J Leonard.  The children have looked at the cover, discussed the blurb and some of the reviewers notes, including one from 'the chicken house'.  The children have made inferences from a quote by Charles Darwin that stated 'I feel like an old war horse at the sound of the trumpet, when i read about the capture of rare beetles'.  The children worked in tables to determine that this meant to them that Charles Darwin felt like a horse running towards danger, battle and enemies at the time a signal is given, possibly going to their death.  They also felt the beetles were like captured prisoners of war waiting to die or be executed.

Well done Class 4!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.