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Spring Term 1

Week 2

The children have really enjoyed their topic work this week. They found out more about the investigations James Lind carried out and his results. They researched more foods with vitamin C and the benefits they give us. They researched scurvy and found out that if sailors ate lemons and limes they would recover quickly from scurvy or even avoid getting it altogether! 


We introduced the next science investigation "Are mushrooms deadly?' but before this we did a pre-investigation task where we used QR codes to search the internet safely and find out fun facts about mushrooms. Did you know a mushroom is nor a plant or an animal? Did you know that mushrooms are a type of fungus? Did you know that mushrooms don't use sunlight to grow so they can grow in the dark? We had fun learning interesting new facts about these very strange foods!


In RE we started to learn about the Church community. We learnt all about the apostles and who Jesus choose to help him do his work. We then wrote a code of conduct to share how we think apostles today should live. We thought about the things they should and shouldn't do.

Week 1

Happy New Year everyone! It's been lovely to hear about your Christmas holidays and how much fun you've all had. Everyone got straight back into working super hard and gave their best effort all week!


In Literacy we have been developing our vocabulary skills and sentence structure to use in our recipes that we will be creating next week. 


In Maths we have been consolidating our subtraction knowledge by solving real life problems including finding change from shopping. We have been using the column method to work out our answers.


This week we had our very first Street dance lesson with Miss Ellie and loved learning dance moves and a cool walk.


In art we have been thinking about how to use light and shadow in our shading to create a life like object. we used an apple as our subject and tried hard to create a core light, highlight, mid tones and a shadow. 

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.