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Spring Term 1

Week 6

Inspired by Children's Mental Health Week last week we continued to read stories about different feelings such as ' The Huge Bag of Worries' and                'Feelings and Me' We discussed how they made us feel. We used this as a stimulus for writing and created our very own feelings poem based upon the story 'Feelings' by Libby Walden. We learnt about similes, metaphors and personification and how these could be used to create a descriptive piece of writing about feelings and how they make us feel. Children used the first and last verse from the story and created the middle verses themselves. 

This week has also been Safer Internet Day. We have been thinking about how to keep safe online. We have been looking at social media accounts like Facebook and discussing the dangers of having an account under the age of 13. The children watched real life situations where children were worried about something that had happened on social media. They discussed the problems, dangers and gave the children advice on what to do next. They typed up there thoughts and presented them to the class.


In Spanish the children learnt the words for foods with a focus on fruits. They completed their amazing character descriptions in Literacy. In Maths they became experts at the three times table and could use these facts to help them divide.


Overall a very busy, exciting, fun-filled term for Class 3. Our topic Scumdidllyuptious ended with the children sharing all the amazing facts they have learnt. They are looking forward to presenting these to you on the first week back in our class assembly!


Have a wonderful half term!

Week 5

This week has been National Children's Mental Health Week. We have been taking part by reading picture books about feelings and emotions. The children all had the opportunity to share their feelings about being brave. We discussed what makes them brave and how they feel before and after certain situations that may make them feel worried, upset or anxious. We discussed how a worry shared is a worry halved. The children really enjoyed listening to music for mindfulness and coloured in some mindfulness bookmarks. This helped to calm them down and helped them to concentrate on the current moment. We used our senses in moments of mindfulness to think about what we could hear, see, smell, touch and taste in a particular moment and concentrated on breathing techniques which calm us down. This left us feeling calm, worry free and ready for the start of each afternoon. 


In RE we continued our light collective worship theme by looking at tweets from the Pope. "Love is the only light that will illuminate a dim world". The children thought about what was meant by this and shared their ideas. We sang a song about light and even danced using actions to each lyric.

We continued to look at our Parish community and the ministries within it. Children looked at a range of photographs of people helping others in the community. The children thought deeply about what could have been happening in each photo and the benefits it would have had. They came up with lots of different ways we could help different groups of people in the community such as feeding the homeless, foodbanks, helping the elderly with household jobs, visiting nursing homes to cheer people up, hold community events to bring children and families together just to name a few!

Week 4

In Science the children concluded their Science experiment investigating mushrooms and answered their question "Are mushrooms deadly?" They examined the brown mushroom spore prints and learnt that they actually help the mushroom to reproduce like tiny seeds. If they mix with the right amount of nutrients they will grow in to new mushrooms! They also found out that white spore prints identify that a mushroom is deadly and unsafe to eat! Who would have thought there was so much to know about these little things!


In Literacy the children finished creating their recipes for Mr Willy Wonka to launch a new chocolate bar! The children organised their ideas into paragraphs with subheadings and used language such as adverbs, imperative verbs, adjectives and subordinate conjunctions to improve their writing and give more information to the reader. Their finished writing looked wonderful!

We then started using our new skills to write a character description of Charlie Bucket. The children thought very carefully about Charlie's character and wrote some interesting sentences.


In RE we have been learning about our Parish Community and what it means to be apart of it. We learned more about our Priest , Father Declan and about our Bishop, Bishop Ralph. We searched the Diocese of Hallam website to learn more about our Parish of Corpus Christi and who in included within it.


DT was very exciting! We looked at different chocolate packaging and how it was appealing to the customer. We decided on the best packaging and explained our reasons. We looked at logos, colours, fonts, pictures and nutritional information. I was really impressed that the children spotted the fair trade logo and could say why they would buy the product over one that didn't have the logo.


In Spanish we revised some Spanish greetings and talked more about the country itself. We have started building up our new Spanish display in class and have loved listening about the children's Spanish holidays and looking at things from home from their trips. 



Week 3

Another exciting week here in Class 3! The children have been looking more closely at mushrooms. They were shocked to discover that mushrooms are actually a fungus! The children decided they wanted to investigate these unusual foods further. We bought a range of different mushrooms from the supermarket to examine them. We learnt about the different parts and described them in detail. We used the ipads to answer a mushroom quick quiz for extra credits! The children were very competitive! We also investigated the spore prints of mushrooms and discussed our findings.


In Art we developed our sketches of apples by applying varied pressure control with our pencils to have smoother shading with light and shade. We thought about the cast shadow and light source and where this would be.


In Maths we are developing our knowledge and fluency of the times tables. We have started looking at the threes, sixes and nines and the relationship between them. We have been using counters and arrays to represent equal groups. 

Can you try and practise these at home too!



Week 2

The children have really enjoyed their topic work this week. They found out more about the investigations James Lind carried out and his results. They researched more foods with vitamin C and the benefits they give us. They researched scurvy and found out that if sailors ate lemons and limes they would recover quickly from scurvy or even avoid getting it altogether! 


We introduced the next science investigation "Are mushrooms deadly?' but before this we did a pre-investigation task where we used QR codes to search the internet safely and find out fun facts about mushrooms. Did you know a mushroom is nor a plant or an animal? Did you know that mushrooms are a type of fungus? Did you know that mushrooms don't use sunlight to grow so they can grow in the dark? We had fun learning interesting new facts about these very strange foods!


In RE we started to learn about the Church community. We learnt all about the apostles and who Jesus choose to help him do his work. We then wrote a code of conduct to share how we think apostles today should live. We thought about the things they should and shouldn't do.

Week 1

Happy New Year everyone! It's been lovely to hear about your Christmas holidays and how much fun you've all had. Everyone got straight back into working super hard and gave their best effort all week!


In Literacy we have been developing our vocabulary skills and sentence structure to use in our recipes that we will be creating next week. 


In Maths we have been consolidating our subtraction knowledge by solving real life problems including finding change from shopping. We have been using the column method to work out our answers.


This week we had our very first Street dance lesson with Miss Ellie and loved learning dance moves and a cool walk.


In art we have been thinking about how to use light and shadow in our shading to create a life like object. we used an apple as our subject and tried hard to create a core light, highlight, mid tones and a shadow. 

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.