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Autumn Term 1

Week 7 - PE - Netball

What a brilliant week 7! The children have been amazing, they have completed both there fitness and netball units in PE, as well as continuing their understanding of light, completing experiments in refraction and creating shadow puppets to understand how shadows are formed.

Well done Class 4 i am super proud of your achievements so far.

Week 6


This week the children read the final chapter of our 400 page novel '1000 year old boy' by Ross Welford.  The children have loved the story and have had some amazing debates around they would or would not like to live for 1000 years.  In RE we have begun our new topic of 'Called'.  We begun this by watching the classic film of Wind in the Willows in order to study the dynamic of friendships and what makes a good friend.  We looked at attributes and characteristics of friendships and how we need positive friendships withing the different communities we belong to, in order for us to live happily together and follow Gods word.

Well done Class 4!

Week 5


This week Class 4 have begun to write newspaper articles based around the novel 1000 Year Old Boy.  They found quotes from the novel, and identified feelings and extracts that could be used to support their articles.

In Come and See, the children examined poems from the Bible and discussed what messages they conveyed and how they made them feel.

Meanwhile, In History the children have continued to develop their understanding of Anglo-Saxons and research Sutton Hoo in order to create a double page spread about it.

Well done Class 4!

Week 4

Another brilliant week in which Class 4 won the attendance award for a 3 week!  Awesome start to the new school year.  

This week class 4 have begun to look at features of newspapers, and wrote a joint newspaper together based on a picture for inspiration, the children did amazing!

We have also begun our addition and subtraction work in Power Maths, after finishing our work on Number and Place Value.

The children have done some amazing fitness work, developing their stamina in PE and developing team work skills.

We also had 10 Year 5 children begum their work with South Yorkshire Police as mini police officers - they had an amazing time and photos are to follow.

Well done Class 4!

Week 3


What another brilliant week - we had our 2nd 'Best Class attendance' playtime after winning whole school attendance for two weeks in a row in Golden Book and we wrote some amazing Litanies in Come and See.  

We also continued our place value journey looking at rounding numbers to 100, 1000 and 100000.

In Literacy we typed out finished diaries using Word on the laptops.

Well done class 4!

Week 2


What a brilliant week!  The children did absolutely amazingly in PE as part of their new Fitness topic.  They tested their stamina in sit ups, relays, sprinting, catching and shuttle runs.  These will then be compared at the end of the topic. 

Class 4 have also finished their diary planning for writing in the role of Aidan or Roxy from the novel 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford and began the start of their diary entries.  These will be completed next week and then edited to up level.

We also looked at the story of creation and created some beautiful double page spreads to show our knowledge. 

Well done Class 4!

Week 1


What a brilliant start to the term!  Class 4 have tried so hard with our new spelling program (spelling shed) and have practiced their spellings and handwriting daily.  we have begun to read our new novel for both Literacy and Guided Reading called '1000 Year Old Boy' by ross Welford which they are thoroughly enjoying.  We have written some poems about ourselves and our qualities in RE as well as understanding diary writing features by group writing a diary in the role of Steve or Alex from Minecraft.

Well done Class 4!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.