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Spring 2

Happy Easter to Everyone in Class 2 and to your Families!

Week 7

Stations of the Cross

This Holy Week, Class 2 have taken part in many school services  including Spy Wednesday when the children lead the assembly alongside Class 3 and thought about the Biblical story surrounding Judas and the betrayal of Jesus. They sang a beautiful song which reflected on this occasion. 


These photographs show the beginning of our celebrations for Holy Week when we took our own journey around St Helen's school and our church, listening and thinking deeply about the journey Jesus took on his way to the Crucifixion. 

Week 6

Our Fundraising Cinema Afternoon

Our fundraising film afternoon in Class 2 was so much fun for everyone!

The children chose to watch a great children's film and enjoyed the snacks and drinks they bought. 

All of our money will be going to the charity Dream Flight and we are so excited to see what St Helen's manages to raise!

All of the children in Class 2 had the most wonderful attitude towards our sponsored mile this week.

Everyone tried their absolute best and made themselves and our school proud whilst raising money for a fantastic charity.

Fantastic effort Class 2!

Week 5

Buckingham Palace Construction

Our Construction Challenge

Can you design and build Buckingham Palace using the construction equipment?

Make sure your building has a large main entrance and at least 8 bedrooms.


This week, Class 2 children designed and labelled their own versions of Buckingham Palace beautifully as part of our afternoon topic work which rotates as a carousel.


Then, they moved on to create their own palaces with our construction materials and the results were fantastic.

Take a close look at these photographs, the children took them themselves!

Week 4

The Story of Maundy Thursday

This week, we have looked at the story of Maundy Thursday in R.E as Holy Week is approaching us.


We spoke about the country where Jesus lived and the roads there which were dusty and dry. This meant, there was a custom to wash your feet before a meal and, usually a servant did this. 


The disciples were very surprised when, at the beginning of the meal we know as the Last Supper, Jesus began to wash the disciple's feet. 


Class 2 re-enacted this story very well and we now all understand Jesus was showing us the way to behave towards each other. 

Week 3

Our trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre grasped the attention of us all and helped us to develop our scientific knowledge and ability to design buildings.


In our Let’s Get Geared Up workshop, we experimented with different gears and created a spinning top.

Gears are in things that we see and use every day. They make things speed up and move around. They can be seen all over large cities!


We saw some wonderful landmarks from around the United Kingdom made from lots of small Lego bricks and noticed lots of other fantastic structures around us.


Class 2 behaved wonderfully on our school trip and worked hard in their teams in our workshop.


Fantastic work Class 2!

Week 2

Practical Maths: Direction and Movement

As a class we discussed position, movement and rotation in our Maths session. We talked about how the hands on a clock move clockwise and the opposite direction which is anti-clockwise. We also, used our hands to help us identify our left and right.


Class 2 were tested as to whether they could follow instructions on movement and rotation when they were asked to position themselves in different ways.


We then, moved onto using a Bee-Bot app to complete rotation and movement commands.


We came back together to recap our vocabulary and the children said their own commands to the class in order to apply their knowledge of movement and rotation.


We had such fun whilst learning our Maths topic!

Week 1

World Book Day

We had a fantastic World Book Day in Class 2.


Everyone wore wonderful outfits which celebrated some of our favourite stories and characters from children's books. 


We had the chance to share our favourite books in the afternoon and the children read a page or so of their stories beautifully to their classmates. We then spoke about the characters in our books and discussed why we love books so much!


Our Parent's Afternoon definitely went with a Beat, Bang, Boom!


Thank you to all of the parents and family members that managed to come into school to help us create some incredible musical instruments.


The children had such a wonderful time and put their musical knowledge to good use whilst having a very exciting, creative time with their fantastic helpers!

Class 2 Parent Afternoon

Wednesday 1st March 2017


On Wednesday 1st March, Class 2 and I would like to warmly welcome all parents and carers to our parent's afternoon. 

As we are continuing to focus on our exciting topic Beat, Band, Boogie, we would like to invite you to get musical and creative with us!


The children in Class 2 will be making their own instruments, this could be a shaker, drum, castanet or an alternative instrument if everyone is feeling creative.


It will be important to think about the sounds you want to create to think about which instrument you could make then we will need to test the instruments and practise, in groups, to create musical marching bands.


We will focus on creating musical instruments, sounds and a performance for our class and special guests.


If anyone feels they could contribute to our afternoon by bringing in bits of equipment from home to help us create our instruments, it would be greatly appreciated. 


Sequins, small buttons, bottle tops and jar lids will help us to create castanets.

Pebbles, rice, straws, buttons, ribbon, beads, beans and plastic bottles with screw lids will help create bottle shakers. 

Containers, balloons, elastic bands and beaters, like chopsticks, will help Class 2 to create drums.


Any ideas or items you might have at home to make additional instruments would be fantastic!


Class 2 and I will really look forward to seeing you all.

Thank you!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.