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Autumn 2

Week 3 - Using manipulatives to understand multiplication as commutative.

In mathematics we are continuing to introduce children to concepts, skills and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and support their learning across the curriculum. We aim to provide our children with a mastery curriculum which enables them to make sense of the numbers, patterns and shapes they see in the wider world.  In Class 4 we have done this by providing pupils with a deeper understanding of the subject through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. We have begun to incorporate small, progressively sequenced steps, whilst promoting the use of high quality manipulatives at all stages.  We continually encourage the development of deep structural knowledge and the ability to make connections between concepts in this way. As a school, we believe that making connections in mathematics deepens pupil’s knowledge of concepts and procedures, ensuring what is learnt is sustained over time by continually revisiting key concepts in different ways will be committed to their long-term memory.  We hope this will enable concepts to be transferred and applied in different contexts. By introducing this approach, we ensure that all children are supported at every stage of their learning.

Multiplying arrays - it's commutative

Week 2


Class 4 worked incredibly hard looking at circuits as part of their science topic.  We continued to look at playdough as a conductor and the impact of creating different shapes on a circuit.  We found that some shapes worked well with one LED but failed with two, so that is something we will look to investigate further.

Week 2 - History and Geography - mining in the local area. 


Today we were fortunate enough to have Mr Goddard (an ex miner and former teacher) visit the class for a talk.  He told stories of mining, discussed seams, how coal was formed, the layers above the coal, the machinery, technical terms such as gates for roads, carts, hydraulics, chucks, cages.  We had a brilliant morning and can't wait to show you the work we produce.

Week 1


Great start to Autumn 2 this week in which children looked at the features of comic strips and carried out independent research on the Rhinoceros beetle in preparation of making an informative comic strip linked to our Beast Creator topic and novel Beetle boy.  

Meanwhile in History we have started our independent local study about mining.  In particularly we looked at what coal is, its uses, and then studied maps of the local area (both google amps and google earth) to identify the Oaks Colliery at Stairfoot, Barnsley.  The children used QR codes to refine their research and have chosen to present the information they learn about it through a double page spread.  Well done Class 4!

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