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Spring 2

Week 6

We  had a real treat this week when some musicians from Barnsley Music Service came to talk show us their woodwind instruments. We learnt about the recorder, flute, clarinet and saxaphone and heard some wonderful music.

It gave the children an idea of what sort of instrument they might want to learn when they are in Key stage 2.

Week 5


We have been carrying out some assessments this week and we just want to commend the children on their FANSTASTIC attitude towards them. Mostly it has been a really enjoyable and useful experience. It's been great to see the children excited about the process and eager to show off all of their skills and knowledge. Well done Class 2! smiley


Week 4

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We have looked at halves and quarters and some of us have started to think about thirds. 

Today we learnt a strategy for finding a fraction of an amount. 

Week 3


This week in Science we have continued our learning about animals and their habitats. We looked at Microhabitats and how tiny animals and creatures could get everything that they need to survive from such a small environment.

Each child has brought home a Microhabitat chart to fill in. If you go out into your garden, woodland or local park and search for some minibeasts hiding away in their microhabitats and record it on the graph.

There is no obligation to carry out the activity or return the sheet to school, it is just something for fun if you find the time! smiley


Week 2

This week we have had a dance workshop with West End in Schools. Our dance was based around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Still image for this video
Here is a clip of the end of our dance.

Week 1


This week in Science we have been learning about the 7 life processes; Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. We looked at how animals and plants both do all of these things, but in different ways.


We then began exploring and comparing the differences between things that are living, non-living, dead or never been alive. We worked together in teams to categorise a set of items. It was quite tricky to figure out if some of the things were dead or if they had never been alive. We shared some really good thoughts and ideas as a class after the activity. 





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