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Spring 1

Our second topic for this half term is called Identity. We will be looking at how we identify ourselves, what identities are used for and the science behind identities like fingerprints and DNA. We may even have a try at solving some crimes!
This week we have taken a closer look at our fingerprints. We have identified the patterns in them using technical language and then created artwork based around these patterns.
This week we have had great fun with our new music topic. We are learning the song Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the children have loved not only learning the song but trying different games to help them learn about rhythm and pitch. Below are some videos of our work so far along with a few solo acts from some of our braver children.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Whole Class

Still image for this video

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Solo 1

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Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Solo 2

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As part of our investigation into people identity we have been looking at identifying features. We have created graphs looking at the physical features of people in the class and we have learnt about fingerprints. We even made copies of our own fingerprints.
This week we have combined our topic of Identity with our maths work, setting our friends maths challenges to try and find out specific pieces of information about our identity. Below are some examples of our work.
On Thursday we were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Hickey (Cody's Granddad). He came to visit us to tell us about his work with the South Yorkshire Police Force and how they used identity to help solve crimes. We found out lots of information for moving forward in our topic and had a very informative and exciting afternoon. Thank you so much Mr Hickey!

Today we started our new topic called Identity. We received a message from John Doe who had amnesia. His doctors had suggested that we help him form a new personality by donating parts of our own. This got us talking about the things that make up our identity and our personality and the best parts of our own personality.

Below is a link to our message from John Doe

This half term we will be starting off by completing our topic on the Tudors. We plan to create beautiful portraits of Anne Boleyn and to finally hold our own trial to discover the truth behind Anne's guilt.
To finish of our Tudor topic the children took everything that they had learn't about the Tudors to create their own presentations about this key point in our country's history. They also created some wonderful Tudor portraits of Anne Boleyn.
This week we have finally held the trial of Anne Boleyn. We have used all our knowledge of the events, made evidence and wrote a script which we then performed. Have a look for yourselves in our videos below.

The Trial of Anne Boleyn script

The Trial of Anne Boleyn Part 1

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The Trial of Anne Boleyn Part 2

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The Trial of Anne Boleyn Part 3

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The Trial of Anne Boleyn Part 4

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We have begun to prepare for the long awaited trial of Anne Boleyn. Here are some samples of some of the evidence which they children found against Anne. Keep checking back for updates on the pending trial.
This week we began by looking at Anne's trial. We discussed the things that were presented as evidence and the people who gave evidence and if we thought Anne received a fair trial. Then we made some rules that we thought would suit a Tudor court room which we then stained with coffee to make them look old.

Rules for a Tudor court

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