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Spring 2

Week 7


Class 1 has been very busy celebrating Holy Week.On Monday, we had some help from Class 4 to retell the Palm Sunday story.We then retraced the journey Jesus took to the cross by participating in the Stations of the Cross. On Tuesday we made hot cross buns and discussed why the cross is special to Christians.We finished our term with a 'surprise' visit from the Easter Bunny!We are looking forward to more fun activities in the summer term.




100 % Attendance

Week 6

We had a very busy week this week. At the beginning of the week,we participated in a sponsored run to raise money for a charity called Dreamflights. We then had a Film afternoon where we wore our pyjamas. We  finished the week With some Easter crafts. Here are some pictures.


Week 5

Children from class 4 came into class 1 to lead child -led class worship.The feedback from Clara 1 children was positive. They mentioned how confident and well organised class 4 children had been.

Week 4

This week in R.E class 1children were assessed on  what they had had been learning.They re-enacted a gathering for mass and identified key people, symbols and signs used during mass. Children also had a turn to re-enact church gatherings in provision.

Week 3

 What an amazing time we all had at Legoland. The smiles on those faces say it all!


Week 2

As usual,we have been very busy in class 1.Year 1 were looking at features of instructions.They had to first sort out the jumbled up instructions and put them in the right order for everyone to follow. We then all  made jam sandwiches.

We have also started weekly baking. We will be taking turns to bake every week but everyone gets to take some "freshly baked goodies" home.

Thank you to the parents who have already made their contributions.

Following instructions to make jam sandwiches

Looking for signs of Spring


Week 1

Our first week back has been very busy.We had Shrove Tuesday where we had pancake races, Ash Wednesday and World book day, all in one week!Take a look at photos from this week.

Ash Wednesday

World Book Day

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