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Summer 1

Week 5

It was lovely to see all the children in red, white and blue today as we celebrated the Queen's platinum jubilee.

We enjoyed our party lunch; some games on the field; learning to draw a queen, and creating some super-sized stamps which will be turned into bunting. 

We were sad to say good-bye to Jack but also excited about the adventure which he and his family are going on. We managed to find his new home on google-earth. Amazing! We are looking forward to writing to him later in the term. 

The children have worked incredibly hard this term and we are all looking forward to a lovely half term break. 

Week 4

In our art topic this term we are asking the question: "How does art show who we are and how we feel?". In particular we are exploring the work of Pablo Picasso.

This week we have been looking at Picasso's use of colour, and in particular how colour expresses emotion. We have been experimenting with colour using Intense watercolours. 

KS1 Assessments

Next week we will be making a start on our end of KS1 assessments with many of our Y2 children. The process is extremely calm and relaxed and we find that most children turn out to really enjoy the process as we make it as special and exciting for them as possible.

If you'd like to know a little more about the tests and what they are all about, please find attached below a handy parent guide...

We know they're all going to do great and we are so proud of how hard they are working in the run up to next week.

Week 3

We're having another busy week in Class 2! In Science this week we continued our learning about materials and their uses. We discussed some common everyday materials; wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, rock and brick. We then went on a materials hunt around our school ground and investigated which materials things were made out of. We managed to find at least one thing for each of the 8 materials we had focused on.



Week 2


Welcome back everyone! smiley

We are so busy preparing our Y2 children for their upcoming SATs tests. They are approaching all tasks with such determination and resilience... absolutely no moaning! We are SO proud, keep it up!

In RHE this week we continued our learning about how to keep ourselves safe. We talked about secrets and discussed how some secrets are good secrets to keep, such as planning a surprise birthday party and how some secrets are probably best to share with a trusted adult, such as if someone has hurt somebody else and tells us not to tell anyone.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.