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  • Read the play script of Macbeth Act 1(with an adult where possible)
  • Create a mind map showing features of a play script and then copy some examples of these features from the text you have just read. Check the checklist to see if there are any main features you have missed.
  • Answer questions about apostrophes from power point.
  • Answer questions about your impressions of the witches from power point.


  • Recap yesterday’s learning about scale factors answering questions on the power point as you go (the answer is on the slide after the question). Then you will start to look at problems involving scale factor with questions lined to this (the answer is on the slide after the question).
  • Complete activity sheet, you may have to copy some things into your book to complete some questions (unless you can print sheets at home). Choose the star level you usually work on and check answers once completed.
  • Once complete if you need a challenge try the extension sheet.

Afternoon Work:

  • Add to your research from yesterday about the latest developments in the ongoing corona virus out break. Use BBC news to get all of the latest updates and what the government has put in place over the last few days to try and help with this outbreak.



  • Purple Mash – Computing activities assigned on 2do


If anyone does not know their Purple Mash password please contact me via the school admin email address

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