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Autumn Term 1


Week 8

A huge well done to class 1 children especially our Reception children for successfully completing  their first 8 weeks of school! We have shed  many tears (children and teachers), but we have also made and shared many happy memories. Take a look at what we enjoyed doing in week 8. We hope to come back refreshed and ready to make more happy memories.

Science Experiment-Changing States-Melting Chocolate


Week 7

This week we carried out different maths "investigations".We had to find out wether the size or shape of conkers or the height of guttering affected how far conkers roll.We also had to find other objects that can roll.


For Child Led Worship, we were learning about how we can look after God's creation. We promised to do our part by picking up litter and ensuring we were not littering ourselves.

Week 6

We have had another busy week. We brought items or toys that are special to us and talked about what made them special.

In P.E, we  took advantage of the warm weather and had our lesson outside.

We also enjoyed independent learning in both our indoor and outdoor environments.

Independent learning in our environment

Week 5

This week we were learning about Democracy. We voted for our favourite book which we then read at the end of the day.  

Class 4  representatives also came to lead our weekly Child Led Worship. They focused on how we can heal hurting hearts using kind words.


Week 4

This week we went for a walk in the woodland near our school.We were looking for signs of Autumn.We collected leaves and enjoyed sorting them and discussing the changes they are going through.

Week 3

This week in Topic we focused on Expressive Arts. We made collages of our friends.

For Child led worship(led by  some children from class 4), we had time to reflect on the love we receive and give to others.

Week 2

In  R.E we have been looking at the importance of names.We discussed why names are important and made name cards. In Maths we were learning  recognise and form numbers.

R.E Developing understanding of names

Week 1

Class 1 children have made a good start to the start of the new school year. Year ones have done a fantastic job welcoming the new children to our school community. We are very proud of how mature and responsible they have become over the summer holiday.

We spent the week getting to know each other and exploring our school environment.We also painted self portraits for our display.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.