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Autumn Term 1

Week 8

This Wednesday, Class 2 got the fantastic opportunity to go to Cannon Hall to explore our 'Memory Box' topic further and to take part in a Victorian Kitchen workshop.


The children were Victorian servants for the day, under the strict instruction of Mrs Kingsley. We took part in a house tour, made butter, bread, vegetable soup, apple crumble and sugar mice. We also, made lavender bags and completed household chores the servants would have to complete like washing the laundry. 


We tried the vegetable soup and bread which had our homemade butter on at lunchtime and it was delicious and went down incredibly well with all children and staff. The children and teachers also ate the apple crumble and it was delicious. 


Well done on all of the chores and hard work you completed servants!


Our trip was such a success, everyone dressed the part, got involved and learnt a great deal and, we also had lots of fun!

Week 7

Drama - Once There Were Giants

This week, we have continued to explore our story of Once There Were Giants

Everyone has really enjoyed and to link it further with our topic of Memory Box, we have planned our own stories in a similar style. 


After planning our stories, we looked back at our plans and discussed any similarities we have in our memories or thoughts on when we learnt to walk and talk, our first day at school and other significant times in our lives.


Then, on Wednesday we started our drama session by getting our brains and bodies working. In small groups we got into the shape of a sad face and a happy face.

Class 2 then were given different points in their lives that they should discuss and create a drama about.


They created some lovely short dramas and used past tense verbs to explain what they could do in the past and present ones to explain what they can do now. 

Well done Class 2!

Week 6

Our end of topic celebration: Family


This Monday, Class 2 planned an end of topic class celebration for our Come and See work on Family.


We started the session with a moment of quiet reflection.

Each child got the opportunity to engage with questions of meaning and purpose related to ‘Families.’


We remembered: 

  • Words and phrases which tell people what God is like.
  • How Jesus was shown love and care in his family.
  • That the psalms are prayers Jesus would have known and used and that they tell us about God.


Then, each child got a heart-shaped card and was invited to write on it the name of someone in their family who shows them love and care.


After that, the children thought how they might return this love and care on the back of the heart. They took these hearts home and shared them.


Class 2 worked very hard on our Come and See work this topic and we will now be moving onto our topic of Belonging


Well done on your hard work Class 2!

Week 5

This Friday afternoon, we completed our week by discussing how we can develop our own growth mindsets. We know we don't say "I can't do it!" in Class 2 but, we say "I can't do it yet!"


We also discussed that being afraid of failing means you can't succeed.


On the photographs the children in Class 2 are showing they aren't afraid to fly, our display says:

"But what if I fall? Oh, but what if you fly!"

This Wednesday, Class 2 invited our grandparents and family members in to share their memories and photographs with us. After sharing memories about their childhood and  photographs, we created our own family trees with our family's help.


They look beautiful and the children learnt so much about their relatives.


Thank you to all family members that came in to help us bring our memory box topic to life, we couldn't have created our beautiful work without you. 


Week 4

PE - Travelling to School Theme

This Thursday, Class 2 took part in our Active Fusion session and it focused on healthy modes of transport and how we travel to school.


The children played transport tag, the car wash game and a game in which we shouted school time and they ran and chose how they would like to travel to school.


Everyone was focused on our session, showed lots of knowledge on transport and which are healthy choices and, we had lots of fun learning together!

Week 3

Class 2's Wedding

This week, in our PSHE session, Class 2 looked at photographs of weddings and we talked about what getting married means. We spoke about our experiences of family weddings, remembering what happened and describing events.


Then we used a range of dressing up and role play props to hold a class ‘wedding’, taking on different roles. We thought about and remembered the roles of different people at a wedding celebration.


Class 2 staged a beautiful wedding and everyone was so sensible and enjoyed our celebration!

We have started to create some fantastic memories together. 


Well done Class 2 and Congratulations! heart

Week 2

Monitoring our hearts and learning how exercise changes the speed of our heartbeat


In PE this Thursday, we learnt that exercise makes our hearts beat faster. We felt our hearts before completing any activities and then after our warm-up. We continued to take part in different tasks and stop in order to feel what effect it made on our hearts. 


Class 2 took part in every task and showed great understanding of the effect exercise has on us and our bodies. Well done everyone!

Monitoring our Heartbeats

Owl Babies


This week Class 2 listened carefully to our class story Owl Babies and we thought of pictures to represent parts of the story on a story map. We then linked actions to these pictures and we recalled the story beautifully as a class.


Since, we have written part of the story in our books and we have remembered some of the phrases perfectly. 


Well done Class 2 on your hard work this week!

Week 1

Welcome back Class 2!


This week, Class 2 have come back to school ready to learn.


Some of us were a bit nervous for our new school year together however, after having lots of fun and making new friends on Wednesday and Thursday, everyone seems happy and comfortable in their new class!


Well done on all of the hard work and effort you have put in this week Class 2 and thank you for following our Golden Rules so well.


See you next week to have more fun and explore our new topic a bit further,

Miss Garratt smiley

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.