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Summer Term 1

Week 4


This week the children have continued to develop their DT skills for Road Trip USA.  They have finished designing their Prairie Schooners and made them using a range of materials including:- wheels, dowling, brown paper, card, glue.  The children worked hard to find new ways of ensuring they could attached the base of their Prairie Schooners to the wheels, whilst making sure they still turned.

The children have also continued working across key stages by supporting year 1 children to design and make either a wildlife home or a fairy house for their 'Enchanted Woodland' topic.  Well done Class 4!

Week 3


This week children have worked really hard to gain a further understanding of life in USA as part of our 'Road Trip USA' topic.  We have looked at states, regions, flags and capitals as well as using an e-book to support our research in preparation for writing a fact file about our chosen state.  Well done Class 4!

Week 2


This week the children are finalising their own writing in which they have predicted what will happen next in the story, and demonstrated their understanding of how to 'show and not tell' a characters feelings using powerful verbs for description.

Week 1


This week we are beginning our next novel study using 'The indian in the cupboard' by Lynne Reid Banks.  The children are loving the novel and are studying how the text is able to 'show and not tell' a characters feelings.

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