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Autumn Term 1

Week 4


What a fab week for PE this week!  The children completed HRE (Health related exercise) games on Monday in which they tried to gain the most points in our supermarket sweep game, followed by jumping and javelin activities on Tuesday.  The children learnt how to jump using their legs and arms from a standing position to get the longest jump before practicing throwing techniques to move onto the javelin. 

Brilliant work Class 4!


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Week 3 - Macmillan non uniform day

Week 3


This week the children have continued to develop their diaries and have had a go at editing using some greater depth style techniques.  In maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of number and rounding to powers of 10.  The children used the mountain and car technique to ensure they had the correct answer.  

In ICT we used purple mash to look at different terminology as well as planned an algorithm for a traffic light sequence.  We also finished our drawings in the style of Gustav Klimt from the  previous week of 'Creative Art week'.

Well done Class 4.

Literacy - Waxwork role play in the role of Magnus Godwinson 1066

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Week 2

This week the children have developed their understanding of number and place value using a range of dice and card games.  We have also worked hard to understand the features of diary writing, using colours and highlights to find the features in existing diaries, whiteboards to write examples of our own techniques before beginning to write our own exciting diary extract in the role of Magnus (Harold Godwinsons son) in 1065.

Finally, we have studied the Artist Gustav Klimt and examined the book "The Magical Tree" by Myriam Ouyessad.  The children enjoyed the story and looked at the various shapes and colours that are used to form the pictures in the book.  The children had a go at picking out different shapes and drawing them in coloured pencil before having a go at drawing there own 'magical, tree of life' from the story using wax crayons, oil pastels, chalks and paints.

Week 1- CS Investigation - topic introduction 'Is crime something new?'

Week 1


What an amazing start to the week!  The children took place in a crime scene investigation in which they had to solve a murder mystery.  The children put their science skills to work to test soil samples using litmus paper to determine PH levels, they studied blood and blood types.  Next the children took their own fingerprints to study the different types before analysing the ones found on different potential murder weapons.  The children also used chromatography paper to analyses the ink from a letter found at the crime scene and finally, magnifying glasses were used to study fibres found on the body. 

After an exhausting day the children concluded that the murder was Mrs White, in Class 4 with the lead pipe.

Meanwhile, in PE, Mr Johnson taught the children different running techniques to develop individual running skills allowing the children to run quicker and for longer.

Well done Class 4!

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