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Spring 2

Week 5: This week, Class 5 learnt about Anderson Shelters, following up from their trip to Eden Camp in Week 2, before making their own.

Week 4: This week Class 5 looked at propaganda posters before taking some ideas to create their own!

Week 3: To end our persuasive writing Topic, Class 5 wrote to Mr Thorpe about an issue close to their heart: homework. Letters were written to persuade Mr Thorpe to ban homework; the letters were delivered majestically and a reply received!

Week 2: To finish off our Topic ID, Class 5 were given the task of solving a crime! Mrs Goddard's bag had been stolen. Using their investigative skills, which they had acquired throughout the topic, we were able to narrow the suspect down to the notorious Miss Bogic, who is now in jail...

Week 1: For World Book Day, Class 5 read the story I Believe in Unicorns, set in a time war, to kick off our new topic for the following wee: A Child's War. From this, each child was given a part of the story to transform into a comic book strip.

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