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Spring Term 1

Week 6


This week we have been practising our fine motor skills in lots of different ways.  One of our favourites has been using chalk and chalk boards.  We created lots of different things including dinosaurs, Batman and pictures of our own inventions.

Lots of us enjoy using our tablets, computer games and phone devices so we have been learning about how we can keep safe when using the internet.  We learnt that we should never give our name, age or address to anyone, just like we wouldn’t tell a stranger in the street. We now know this isn’t our personal information. We also talked about telling an adult if we get stuck or I felt something pops up on our screen.  

Internet safety day

Week 5


This week we have used water to create graffiti art.  We added different coloured powder paint to the water and added it to spray bottles.  We took it in turns to spray the water and explore what patterns and colours we could make.  It was lots of fun.

Graffiti art

This week it has been very cold outside so we went outside to explore the changes to our environment.  We found the pond water had frozen and dew on the grass. Cobwebs were covered in frost too.  By mid morning we noticed that all the frost had melted or disappeared as the temperature warmed up.

On Friday we made our own snack.  We watched how the bread changed as it was toasted and loved adding butter, jam or lemon curd to our toast.  We talked about the different tastes and some of our favourite snacks.  

Toast anyone?

Week 4


As part of our water topic we have explored what happens to water when it is put into a freezer.  We added some sea creatures to our mini pools before placing them in the freezer.  We predicted that at the end of our session the water would have turned into ice.   When we took the containers out of the freezer we found that the water was icy cold but it hadn’t frozen.  We then decided to place them back in the freezer until the next morning.  We were happy to see the frozen ice blocks the next morning but Mrs Blakemore wasn’t because her sea creatures were stuck!  Our mission was to find the quickest way to free the sea creatures from the ice.  Firstly we tried to drop the blocks into the water tray but that didn’t help.  Over the week we tried adding cold water and warm water to the water tray and blocks of ice.  We discovered that the warm water freed the sea creatures much quicker.  

Week 3

This week we have started to learn all about Chinese New Year.  We listened to the story of the great race with all the different animals.  This year it is the year of the rat.  What year are you?

Week 2

Weighing fun!

We had lots of fun with the balancing scales investigating the concept of heavy and light.  We learnt that heavy items make the scales go down and the light items go up.  Why not try to practise this at home using your hands?

Week 1


Happy New Year!  It has been lovely to see all the children and hear about their wonderful Christmas break.  We would like to welcome our new children to Nursery.  They have settled in very quickly and are enjoying exploring their new surroundings and getting to know new friends.  


This week we we have focused on getting to know each and explore the different activities on offer.  Some of the favourites activities this week have definitely been the creative area. The children have used different resources to make collage pictures and have enjoyed painting masterpieces.  We have been cooking up a storm in the home corner and building amazing towers Andy walls in the construction area.  We have been practising our shape recognising by completing inset boards and have even challenging each other to see who can complete their inset board first.  Lots of fun!  


We have also had our first dance session with Ellie, which was brilliant.  The children were wiggling their hips and enjoyed moving like different animals around the hall.  We can’t wait for next week to see what we will be learning next.  



Our new superheroes

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.