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Autumn Term 1

Week 2

This week, in maths, we have been developing our knowledge of place value and one of our fun activities was a game called Shark Numbers. Please use the link below to use this game at home too.


We also had great fun using Google Maps to explore our local area of Goldthorpe. We discovered lots of human and physical features including places of worship, parks, supermarkets, open spaces and woodland. The children asked if they could use Google Maps to find the place where they live so maybe this is something that you could do at home with your child?


Our art session this week had us talking about life before cameras and we explored portraits by various different artists. Then we learnt how to draw a self-portrait which was very interesting - did you know that your eyes are actually about halfway down your face?




Week 1

The children were very pleased to see each other again and eager to share the stories of their summer holiday adventures. We made the children who have joined our class feel very welcome and we explained that we are the 'Wise Owls' because we are all so clever!


We have had many discussions about the importance of making good choices and we shared our class rules.

Our class rules are:

  • Eyes looking
  • Ears listening
  • Mouth quiet
  • Raise hand to speak
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Have fun and learn!

Read Write Inc

You will have heard the children talk about their Read Write Inc sessions. Read Write Inc is the phonics programme we use in school to help children learn to read and write. The children have taken some photos which you can use at home to practise saying the letter sounds. We also talked about our favourite letter sounds! Mrs Tordoff's favourite letter sound combination is 'ch' because all her favourite things start with 'ch'. (Chocolate, cheese, chips, church and children!) What is your child's favourite letter sound?

Our Topic

Our Topic 1

Our first topic this year is will get the children asking questions such as:

Can you remember being small?

Do you remember learning to crawl?

Did you have a favourite toy or teddy bear?

Did you have a favourite book?

They will quickly learn that the answers will vary depending upon the age of the person they ask! There will be lots of exciting activities and we hope that some grandparents will be able to join us for a very special Grandparent's Topic Session - so keep your eyes open for an invitation.

Welcome back everyone - don't forget to check out our class pages and school Facebook pages for update on school life..