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Spring 2

Week 7


This week the children led the 'Last Supper' assembly.  The children demonstrated lovely team work skills to tell the story of how Judas betrayed Jesus and then how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show how he was the servant of god and sent to serve others - showing how his disciples should act after his death.  The children broke bread and drank wine (Ribena) to illustrated the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples.  All children appeared to enjoy the assembly and as always I was very proud of their achievements.

Well done Class 4

Week 6


This week the children have worked really hard completing assessments in Literacy, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.  I was really impressed by how hard they tried and their determination to better their last scores.  Well done Class 4.

Week 5


This week the children enjoyed a trip to 'The Deep' in Hull.  We had a fabulous in which the children had the opportunity to learn about how slime is used by animals and sea creatures as well as making their own.  We then had  look around the aquarium, listened to a talk about Penguins and observed them being fed.  We ended the tour walking through the display tunnel in which children had the opportunity to view sea life as they swam above them.

We hope you enjoy the photos....

The Deep Trip

Week 4


Thank you to all the grown - ups who were able to attend our Play and Stay session on Friday afternoon.  The Children thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you all and creating a water catcher that will be used to collect water.  This will be linked with Maths - volume and capacity, Geography - the Hydrological cycle and Literacy - our Flow topic.

Have a look at the photos and once again I would like to thank you for all your hard work, time and support with Class 4.

Play and Stay March 2017

Week 3


I have been extremely proud of the pupils this week for a variety of reasons, here's a glimpse why...

On Tuesday Class 4, year 5 pupils had the opportunity to visit St Pius and experience lessons in a Secondary School environment.  The staff and pupils at St Pius were extremely welcoming as always and the pupils displayed excellent behaviour throughout the day, whilst thoroughly enjoying the experiences and challenges of secondary school life.

The year 4 pupils have continued with their swimming lessons. On Thursday, the confident swimmers demonstrated a reinforcement of their skills and the less confident really beginning to develop flow and technique in their swimming style.  

Finally on Friday the pupils were able to share their amazing art work to their grown ups by leading them around a pop up art gallery in the school hall.  Work included a remake of the Andrew Gormley 'Another Place' on Crosby beach featuring clay models and sand.  We had water colours, chalks, chalks and paint, wordalls, bubble art to name a few.  I'm sure that you are as proud as I am with the work they have produced, also I hope you enjoyed this experience and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Class 4 Art Gallery

Week 2


This week Class 4 have finished reading and interpreting the ballad of 'The Highwayman'.  Class 4 have absolutely loved the ballad and had lots of discussions over its ending and what would or would not happen.  We have then ended the week by beginning to write our own ballads about the story of Keiko the whale and the events that took place in his life.  I look forward o sharing some of the extracts next week...

Week 1

During this week, we celebrated both pancake day and World Book Day.  We have had a fabulous week also learning more about the life and times of Keiko the whale as part of our Ballads work.

Shrove Tuesday

World Book Day

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