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Spring 1

W/B: Monday 6th February 2023

Week 6

Other Culture's Day

This Friday, Class 2's learning was focused on China for our school's Other Culture's Day. 


Class 2 completed Geography work on the location of China in the world, we found out which continent it is on, found and located it's capital city Beijing and largest city Shanghai as well as locating other cities and rivers in China. 


Class 2 looked closely at China's national flag and compared school life in Beijing to school in Barnsley. 


We finished our learning on Chinese New Year, creating Artwork using oil pastels, water colour and poster paint to create beautiful lanterns. 


What a fantastic last day Class 2. Have a wonderful holiday and get some well-deserved rest!

Miss Garratt smiley

W/B: Monday 30th January 2023

Week 5

Class 2 Reading Morning with Parents and Siblings

This Friday morning, Class 2 welcomed our parents and siblings again for a reading morning in our classroom. Everyone chose their own book from our reading garden and completed some beautiful reading alongside parents and siblings. 


Well done Class 2 on a wonderful reading morning and thank you to everyone that attended!

W/B: Monday 23rd January 2023

Week 4

Art: Exploring Line

This Wednesday afternoon, we took inspiration from the artist Zaria Forman - Maldives. 


We created group artwork using large brown paper and a variety of resources and techniques. The children drew big lines representing water and then, connected lines together. We moved on to use variety of different techniques; creating dark/light, thick/thin, wavy/straight and broken lines.


We used ocean themed music, only drawing when the music played.


After creating a variety of different types of line and using different techniques and resources including, chalk, oil pastels and pens, we moved on to add different types of sea life.


Well done Class 2 on creating wonderful shared artwork!

W/B: Monday 16th January 2023

Week 3

This Wednesday, Class 2 continued with our Art Topic on the Formal Elements of Art. 

We explored line by manipulating string in different ways to create horizontal, vertical, diagonal, wavey and many other types of line. 


We then used pencil to replicate these different lines and after practising, we chose our favourite line. Then, Class 2 created individual chalk pictures and we put them together to create a line masterpiece. 


Well done Class 2 on your concentration and engagement in our Art lesson this week!

W/B: Monday 9th January 2023

Week 2

PE: Ball Skills

This Monday, Class 2 began our Ball Skills topic in PE with Adam from Active Fusion, Miss Guttridge and Miss Garratt. 


The children warmed up with the traffic light game.

Red - stop and stand still

Amber - Get ready to move

Green - move around the hall in different ways

Class 2 worked on their control of a large ball, navigating it around a cone, keeping their eyes on it and progressing to score points by moving it around our hall and cones around the room.


Everyone participated in our session and showed progress in their ball skills. 

Well done Class 2!

W/B: Monday 2nd January 2023

School returned on  Wednesday 4th January 2023


Week 1

Democracy: Voting for our Class Novel

This week, Class 2 learnt about the British Value: Democracy. 


What is a Democracy?

This is the belief in freedom and equality between all people. It also includes the government working hard to ensure this happens. Democracies have systems that allow the people to have a say in how their country is run.


In Class 2 we demonstrated a Democracy by voting for our Class Novel.

A voting box was used to vote for the children’s favourite text out of three different novels.


Everyone posted their vote into the box and votes were counted to chose our class book in a fair way where everyone was equal and free to choose whichever book they wanted.


Well done Class 2 on an excellent first week back at school after the Christmas break!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.