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Spring Term 2

Week 6

This Holy Week, the whole of St Helen's have celebrated the Easter Story beautifully.


Class 2 began our week by introducing Palm Sunday to the whole school and the children's parents. Everyone performed their dramas, sang and read fantastically. 


Well done to everyone in Class 2 for starting our Holy Week off in such a lovely way!


Have a wonderful Easter holiday everyone in Class 2 and your families!


A Song for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter #1 Cloaks and Branches

To everyone in Class 2, the chorus of our song for Mass on Monday sounds beautiful, if you could practise the verses that would be wonderful!
Thank you,
Miss Garratt :)

Week 5

Ahoy there!


This Tuesday, Class 2 had our very own Pirate Day with the help of Pirate Ron from Jolly Good Workshops for Schools. 


We had such a fantastic day, learning lots about Pirates and their possessions, then, watching a brilliant pirate puppet show with Class 1 and ending the day with making our own Pirate themed puppets. 


Everyone in Class 2 had a terrific time and were so engaged and excited throughout our school day. 


Thank you to Pirate Ron for visiting our school with his Pirate Ship and to Class 2 for their brilliant attention and beautiful puppets. 

Week 4

Land Ahoy and Atlas Work in Class 2

This week we have completed some Geography work in Class 2. All of the children really enjoyed exploring Google Earth in order to find the UK and identify the different countries within it and seas that surround us.


We then went on to work with an atlas in pairs and Class 2 showed such great enthusiasm and knowledge. 


After completing our Geography work, we began our own Pirate flags in an informative art lesson where we explored a variety of flags a pirate might use to warn and scare the ships that approach them!


Everyone is very excited to complete our work and we will look forward to showing you the finished products!

Week 3

This Thursday, St Helen's School celebrated World Book Day and we had a wonderful time in Class 2 sharing our favourite books and characters with each other.


Class 2 took part in lots of great activities revolving around books; we created our own exciting stories in groups, we drew characters from our stories, created bookmarks and got many opportunities to share our stories, alongside completing other tasks. 


We had such a good time and everyone dressed to impress as their favourite characters!


Week 2

A Pirate You Shall Be!

Still image for this video
Ahoy Maties!

This week, Class 2 continued our fantastic Land Ahoy topic in our PE session when we learnt a Pirate Dance together.

Everyone enjoyed our session so much and went on to create their own pirate dance moves which we will use to make our own dance routines next lesson.

Shiver me Timbers! Well done all you lads and lasses!
Week 1

Land Ahoy: Our Beautiful Pirate Ship Artwork and Class 2's Pirate Ship

Ahoy there Class 2!


Class 2 have come back to school with fantastic attitudes this week, they have shown they are ready to learn and have shown lots of excitement for our new topic, Land Ahoy!


We have learnt about the life and travels of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus in both our topic and writing sessions, this week, creating our own information pages whilst using the knowledge we have gained. 


Then, we finished our week by creating our own artwork of Pirate Ships, looking at our very own Class 2 Pirate Ship and large pirate ship toys to help inspire our pictures. 


We'll be sailing back into port for an update next week. Until then me hearties!


One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.