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Summer Term 1

Week 6


We brought our history topic on Queen Elizabeth, and the busy half term to a close with a tea party! We made fairy cakes, biscuits and jam sandwiches as part of our maths, then enjoyed eating them in the afternoon.

Week 5

Year 2 SATs have began this week! We are SO impressed with the way in which you have all approached the tests. Complete calmness, maturity and smiles all round! Keep it up Year 2! smiley


In Art this week we continued with our seaside landscapes theme. In this lesson we focused on textures and we used Van Gogh's 'Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer' painting to inspire us. We used a range of different materials to add texture to our pictures such as lentils, rice, tin foil and crepe paper.

Week 4

In Art this week we continued our landscapes theme and created some beautiful seaside inspired landscape paintings using watercolour. We experimented with using different shades of colour and also using white to add detail and definition to our pieces.

Week 3

In PE this week we have been working on different types of throwing, underarm and overarm. We talked about how the different types of throw are used for different reasons. For example, we use overarm throwing for distance. We played a really fun game where we had to work in teams to aim and throw beanbags at a ball to try and knock it across the opposing teams line.

Week 2

This week in history we have written a biography of Queen Elizabeth II, and we have learnt a little about the Commonwealth. We have each painted a flag of one of the Commonwealth countries and we enjoyed a quiz where we used atlases to match the flag to the country. 


Week 1

This week we began our new history topic which is about Queen Elizabeth II.

We are going to be learning about her life, her coronation and her role as the Head of the Commonwealth. We will also be looking at how things have changed for ordinary people throughout he long reign.


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