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Spring Term 1

Week 5


This week saw the end of our Cosmic adventure, therefore we decided to write and edit our own problem to becoming trapped in space as an astronaut (Liam) and his best friend Florida.  The children decided upon which part of the rocket became faulty, what happened when it went wrong, and the impact it had at the base station on Earth.  The children discussed their 5 senses as well as their emotions.  They did brilliantly and we hope to share some of these at our class assembly.

Week 4


This week the children have completed fact files about the first British person in space - Helen Sharman.  The children have loved completing independent research about her, and found it fascinating that she lives a few miles from here in Sheffield.

This week the children were given a surprise visit with a planetarium in school.  This was a wonderful surprise as it tied beautifully with our topic 'Stargazer'.  The children learnt about the first British astronaut in space, gained further information about the solar system planets and took a look at them up close.  Check out our pictures below.

Week 3


This week we have edited our theme park advertisements and made them into scripts in preparation for creating mini adverts next week.  The children cannot wait to film their scripts and sell Infinity Park as the best theme park in the multiverse.

Week 2


This week we have focused on creating advertisements for our own theme park 'Infinity Park'.  We have looked at how to describe a ride without giving too much information away whilst also persuading people to experience it.


Well done Class 4

Week 1


This week in guided reading we used spoken language to develop our understanding of poetry.  We did this by imagining and exploring ideas in role play drama and dance.  We also discussed and evaluated how authors use language, including figurative language, showed consideration for words used and how they impacted on the reader.



Hovering in mid-air

like no other-





then nose




Iridescent bomber, bringing

no harm to the heart of the flower-


The flower that gives up her nectar

but expects you, Hummingbird, to carry

the golden dust of her desire-


No wonder the ancient Aztecs

named you 'pollinating child-of-the-sun'.


Have a look at the photos of the children completing their role play interpretation of hummingbird.


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