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Spring 1

W/B: 14.02.22

Week 6

Geographical Features of UK Cities

Key Words:

Geographical features - natural and man-made resources that can be found on Earth's surface

Human feature - things that are made or built by humans.

Physical feature - anything that is on the Earth naturally.

This Tuesday, class two learnt the key words above and looked at different landmarks and places in the United Kingdom. We classified them as human or physical features of the UK using our new knowledge and then worked in teams to group further geographical features of UK cities. 


Fantastic work in Geography Class 2! yes


Have lots of fun and a well-deserved rest this holiday everyone in Class 2, you deserve it after all your hard work this half-term!

From Miss Garratt heart

W/B: 07.02.22

Week 5

Dance: Completing our Dance Routine

This Friday, Class 2 practised the dance moves we have learnt with Ellie Street our dance teacher and we rehearsed our routine as a class. 


Everyone did a fantastic job. We will work hard and look forward to videoing our routine next week. We can't wait for you all to see our hard work!


Well done on another brilliant week Class 2 yes

W/B: 31.01.22

Week 4

On Friday afternoon, Class 2 created beautiful lighthouse artwork using oil pastels. 

We chose this as our focus after exploring the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch in our Literacy and Guided Reading sessions. It also links to our topic, United Kingdom: Coastal Towns and Cities. 


The children created some wonderful images of lighthouses and we can't wait to display them in our classroom and on the school corridor. 

Well done on a fantastic week Class 2!

W/B: 24.01.22

Week 3

Maths in Class 2: Big Maths Beat That and Fractions

This week, lots of children beat their past scores on their Big Maths Beat That weekly timed test. Well done everyone!


We have been focusing on Fractions in Maths, looking at unit and non-unit fractions in our Power Maths books and with resources which are split into parts. Class 2 have learnt the word equivalent which means equal. 


We know half is equal to two quarters.

Well done on your fantastic work mathematicians!

Miss Garratt smiley

W/B: 17.01.22

Week 2

Street Dance with Ellie Street

This Friday, we have had our second session of Street Dance with Ellie Street. 


Class 2 have had such a wonderful time learning a variety of street dance moves and have started to form a sequence of moves which we will build up until we have created a dance routine. 


Everyone has taken part in our sessions and tried their best, developed their skills and had so much fun!

Well done on a fantastic week Class 2 smiley

W/B 10.01.22

Week 1 (Our first full week of school)

Talk for Writing: The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

This week, we have started looking at a new text in our Guided Reading and Literacy sessions. Our story of the week is: The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.


We have been retelling part of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by choosing pictures to represent the vocabulary in the text and actions to match the pictures. We have then used the images and actions to help us record sentences from our story.


In Reading, we have started to focus on VIPERS questions on our new text.


Well done on all of your hard work this week Class 2!

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