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13.07.20- Home Learning

I wanted to start this weeks message by saying a huge Thank you!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful class this year. I am so sad that we didn't get to finish the year together but so happy that we made lots of lovely memories in the time that we did have and that you are all safe and well at home. Each and everyone one of you tried your best and always worked hard and for that I am very proud of you. I want you to remember, as you move on to your next Class and Teacher, that you are amazing, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, never give up on things that are tricky, always smile and always be yourself! I know that you will have an amazing time next year and I look forward to seeing you all in September!!!


I also want to say thank you for trying hard with your home learning. I know it's been such a strange time for everyone but am pleased to see you have all been keeping busy one way or another. Today I will put the final activities on for this week as well as some additional activiites you can complete during summer. Remember that during the summer holidays, you can still email the school with your work so we can see what you have been up to!


Happy home learning and have a wonderful summer!

Rememeber to keep safe!

6.7.20- Home Learning

I hope you all enjoyed our art themed activities last week! Thank you to the children that sent in some pictures of your masterpieces! If you didn't get chance to complete the activities you can continue this week! I'd love to see some more pictures of your work. In my bubble at school we painted pictures of flowers and gardens as well as characters from the fairy tales we had been reading. The younger children were experiementing with mixing paint colours. 


This week I have put some activities on that may take you longer to complete. Please do not worry if you do not get them all completed this week you can just continue into our final week next week!


Happy Learning class 3! Rememeber to stay safe and keep washing your hands! Missing you lots and lots! Can't wait to see you again soon.

29.6.20 - Home Learning 

Hello class 3, How are you all doing? I loved seeing more home learning that was sent into the school email address last week, please keep it coming as Its wonderful to see your hard work and photos of you and your family! Tommy and I have had another really busy week. He has done a painting of Goldilocks and the three bears and been experimenting with the water tray. He enjoyed time in the paddling pool with his dinosaurs and getting very wet on those very hot days last week to help keep him cool. We read the story 'Guess how much I love you' and talked about all the family members that he loved and how much. His favorite was "I love you all the way to the sun and moon and back". We talked about what foods are healthy and unhealthy and why we shouldnt have chocolate for breakfast. Hes been thinking of things to put on sandwiches at lunchtime and we have been cutting them into star and gingerbread man shapes which he loved!


This week I have decided to have an art themed week as Monday 29th June is the start of a national art week. Take a look at the planning sheet for this weeks ideas! You tube is a fantastic resource to search for 'how to draw' videos. I have added a link for the you tube art for kids hub as one example. I look forward to seeing some of your wonderful masterpieces!


 I have also added a new link in the weekly links folder above. It is for NUMBOTS. Use your TT rockstars log in details to access the program to support addition and suntraction learning at home.


Have a lovely week, stay safe and I hope to see you very soon :) x

22.6.2020- Home Learning

Wow, I have seen some amazing home learning this week! Well done to those children who have sent emails into school of their work! I have loved looking at all your fantastic pictures. I would love to hear what you did on the rainy days last week. Why dont you write me a post card to tell me all about it and send them into school. Id love to hear about your time at home.


This week I have attached the new classroom secrets daily timetable for you to follow each day of the week and also the weekly activities. Please select which activities you would like to do. There is a geography activity that I would really like you all to try.


Have a lovely week in the sunshine.... Happy Home Learning!

15.6.20- Home learning

If you would like more structured days, I have found a free online daily timetable on the Classroom Secrets website. It has a week full of planned days with a physical activity, literacy, numeracy and a creative activity. Each day is different and includes learning videos, interactive games and activities. You can choose to follow this each day during the week or you can dip in and out of it as you please along with the activities on the planning sheet. I do feel it is an excellent resource to provide a balanced learning at home experience with ease with all the resources you need in one place. See the link below to try it out.

Below you will find the usual weekly actiivites. Please complete as many of these as you can! I look forward to seeing some more pictures and videos oof your work.

8.6.20 Home learning

Hello Class 3. I hope you all had a lovely two week break from school work and had lots of fun at home. Maybe you could write me a letter to tell me all the things you have been up to! I am missing you all very much and I hope to see you all very soon! 


Below is the activities for this week. Please do email them into school so I can take a look at all your hard work!

Wk Bg 25.5.20- Wk Bg 1.6.20

These dates are our half term holidays! No home learning will be required in this time. Enjoy the time with your families, have fun in your garden and be happy! Stay Safe Class 3!

If you would like to email the fun things you do over the holiday for us to see that would be wonderful!

Come back on this page on Monday 8th June for new home learning tasks.


Home Learning Wk bg 18.5.20

Apologies for the delay in home learning activities today.


Hello Class 3! How are you all doing? I hope that you are all safe and well! How are you getting on with your home learning? I know at times it can be difficult to work at home but I am so pleased with the efforts I have seen from lots of you! Please do not worry if you have not completed all of the activities, as long as you are safe and happy that is all the really matters! Try and have another go at the activities this week....


This week it is Nature week! The weather is going to be sunny so why not take your learning outdoors and celebrate our beautiful world. I look forward seeing your creations!

Wk Bg 11.5.20- Home Learning


Hello Class 3! I'm missing you all so much! I hope you are all safe and well! I hope that you have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine and that you had fun completing the VE day activities last week!


This week I would like you to focus on spelling and handwriting. Please can you practise your spelling words which are in the folder. Use these words to practise your handwriting. Remember the size of your letters need to be correct, making sure tall letters and letters that go below the line are accurate. Don't forget capital letters are twice as tall. You could use these spelling words to create sentences. If you would prefer to invent your own sentences you can. What is important is that you remember capital letters, full stops and any other punctuation your sentence may need. Try to make your sentences interesting.


You can see this weeks plan and resources below.


Have fun! Try your best :) 

Wk Bg 4.5.20- Home Learning

You will have seen on the news that this week we are preparing to celebrate "VE Day" which means "Victory in Europe Day". It took place on May 8th 1945 and was made a public holiday and day of celebration to mark the end of fighting with Germany in Second World War. Everyone celebrated the end of the War in Europe by having street parties. Everyone could be heard singing and dancing! On Friday it will be the 75th anniversary of this memorable day. Some of this weeks activities will be about VE day. Will you be celebrating this Friday? Why not design your own red, white and blue bunting or decorations? Dress up in red, white and blue, plan an afternoon tea party in your house or garden, bake old war time treats and learn an old war time song.

Wk Bg 27.4.20 Home Learning

Hello Class 3, I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine safely at home.I loved looking at your NHS project work last week! You worked really hard to find out more about the NHS and showed your appreciation through completing all the tasks! Well done to those who took part. Tommy and I learnt about what doctors and nurses do and made all of his teddies better using his doctors kit . We chalked a giant rainbow on our driveway for everyone to see! We also decided to get pots and pans out on Thursday to make alot of noise for our NHS. Tommy especially enjoyed this! 


This week it's the AMAZING Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday! To celebrate I have focused some activities around him. Why not design and send him a special birthday card? More than 65,000 cards have been sent so far and are being put on show at Bedford School, where his grandson, Benjie Ingram-Moore, attends. Captain Tom, 99, raised more than £28million for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.

You could also make a poster card and display it in your window or outside your house for all to see or even write a letter of thanks!


Parents can look at the suggested weekly plan for more information. 


Have a wonderful week at home learning, staying safe and being happy! 


Below is this week's suggested plan, links and resources to help. Please try to complete some of these activities. At least 1 from each subject area as a minimum expectation would be great. If you can complete most of them that would be amazing! Just do what you can, when you can. Continue to enjoy the days when it's sunny in the garden, keep active and use this as an opportunity to build your life skills such as cooking, cleaning and even decorating in your home! (With adult supervision)


20.04.20- Home Learning-                                                                                                                  NHS Appreciation Week

This week we would like to celebrate our NHS and show our appreciation by having a whole week dedicated to these workers! We are incredibly lucky to have these amazing superheros in our lives. Can you research the 'NHS' and what this means and find out about the vital jobs they do to look after people in our country. Do all countries have an NHS? Why are we lucky to have them? Present your work in any way that you wish. Please share your work with us via email!


See the links below to support your  NHS learning this week.


Continue to complete the next big maths, arithmetic, CLIC and SAFE tests from the folder above.

Make sure you continue to read and practise spellings and handwriting. I have updated the spelling folder with spellings for Summer Term 1.


For Maths lessons this week, I would like to try something new. It is some online learning from White Rose Maths. I would like you to follow the link below. Each day there is an online teaching video and then an activity which links to the teaching. The children must complete these in order. The answers are also provided. This learning is new and something we started to cover when we were last in school but did not get the chance to complete. Please ensure you start at week 1 (not at the activities listed for this week).

13.04.20- Home Learning

Hello Class 3. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family! We had lots of fun making chocolate Easter buns, cards for our family and played in the garden! We even found a few eggs that the Easter Bunny had kindly left for us! I hope that you enjoy your holiday this week. I have attached a little checklist of things you MUST try to do this week! Have fun, STAY SAFE xx

Easter Holiday checklist for download - Have fun :)

6.4.20- Home Learning


Hello Class 3! I hope you are all safe and well at home and found lots of reasons to laugh and smile this week! I look forward to reading some of your daily diaries when you return to school! I have been busy at home with Tommy. He has learnt to write his name and been practising his numbers. We have had lots of fun singing,  painting pictures of rainbows, planting seeds in the garden and baking some buns! We are missing you lots and can't wait to see you all again soon! We hope that you have a lovely Easter this week with your family!


Below is some new activities for you to complete this week. Don't forget take some pictures of your work and email them to Miss Beedham so I can take a look :)


Some inspiration...

Don't forget to use bigger numbers (2,3 and 4 digit numbers).

Can you include measures in your board game adding and subtracting £,p, cm, mm,m, g, kg, ml, l?

Week 3- 30.3.20- Home Learning

Below is a new list of suggested activities. I would advise completing tasks from previous weeks before completing these.  I hope you are not feeling overwhelmed with all the home learning tasks. Just try your best and have fun with it. Don't worry if not everything gets done in one week! Enjoy the sunshine when we have it, play, have fun, laugh, sing, dance and be happy!


I have updated the home learning links in the star above. Please have a look for some excellent activities!

Some inspiration...

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Mats (GPS MATS)

Reading activity - This resource has three levels for different ability and is shown by stars at the bottom of the page. *is lower ability ** is expected ability and *** is higher ability. The answers are also included.


Hello Class 3! I hope you are all staying at home and keeping safe! I really do miss you all and can't wait to see and hear about all the amazing things you have been doing at home with your families. Remember to keep working hard and trying your best! Don't forget to wash your hands lots and keep germ free! I will see you all very soon! Mrs Miller xxx


Week 2- 23.3.20 - Home Learning -

 Please complete the packs that were sent home for this week and activities at the back of your yellow homework book if you need extra. You may want to use this time to finish any unfinished/incomplete homework in your books too. Please note that some children will complete these faster than others. If children are trying their best but still need the next week or two to finish particularly the maths then that is fine. It's important that the children spend time reading a question and thinking through the answer before rushing on to the next question. I always encourage children to check their answers before handing them in for marking. (Parents, I tried to include the answers for you in most packs to make this less time consuming for you) If you could encourage your child to go back and try again with questions they got incorrect that would be great. When the children make mistakes and then address misunderstandings they gain a deeper understanding.

Happy Home Learning :)

Week 1 16.3.20 Home learning (Before school closure) For those isolating - Below is a list of activities you can complete for your first week of home learning. 
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