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Important Information - Home Learning


Hi Class 2,

We are so sorry you cannot be at school at the moment but we will do our best to support your home learning.


As explained in the email from school, some work will be set on Purple Mash and some other resources and videos will also be used to support learning.


Please keep checking in your '2Dos' or 'Alerts' for updated tasks and new emails on Purple Mash. 

A link to a folder with videos from me, Powerpoint lessons and tasks will be sent via an email. 


Any questions, please email me via Purple Mash.


Miss Garratt smiley

Sharing your home learning with Miss Garratt


In order to show me the home learning you complete you can take a photograph of it and send it on Purple Mash emails.


After marking your own Maths work with the answers on the end of the Powerpoints you can let me know how you got on and if you found anything challenging. 


If you are working on a laptop, you could type up your work and attach it as an file by email on Purple Mash.


If it is a Purple Mash activity I will receive your work already and I will send a comment back to you as an alert as I have done previously. 


Please let me know if you ever find something challenging and would like further explanation or support. 











Important: Class 2 Home Learning 


From Wednesday 14th October 2020, Class 2 will be completing learning on Purple Mash as we have our homework the past few weeks. 


Please use your purple mash login from your reading journal and use your home work book for any home learning you need to write on paper. You can also continue practising your timestables on Timestable Rockstars.


There will be links to videos and additional resources to help you under the dates below. 


I will miss seeing you all these next two weeks Class 2 but, work hard at home and we will hopefully be back together after our school holiday to complete some learning together and in person! 

Miss Garratt smiley

Monday's Home Learning (19.10.20)

Hi Class 2, 

I hope you're all getting on well at home! I'm missing you all and looking forward to seeing you some time soon. For now make sure you make me, yourselves and your families proud by completing your home learning as well as you can!

Have a lovely Monday!

Love Miss Garratt smiley  xx


Important Links for Teaching and Extra Resources for...

Monday's Home Learning (19.10.20)


Maths – subtraction quiz (Subtraction crossing 10 video – further subtraction Qs and explanation)


Matching models (Video to help explore models and to provide further Qs – to use mathematical models and strategies for addition)


Phonics – oi



Guided Reading - Read Anna and the Third Leaf Chapter 5 and quiz


Literacy – Research castles in order to complete our task

Can you write an informative text? – All about castles

(English – information – writing projects)


Topic – Castles and knights – flags 


Wednesday's Home Learning (14.10.20)

Maths - Subtraction to 20 OR Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20

Addition -

Subtraction -


Phonics - oo (look in and book)

oo (poo at the zoo)


Guided Reading - Read Anna and the Third Leaf Chapter 4


Literacy -Coordinating conjunctions

sequencing (think about how we have seqeuenced words to make sentences in class - look for the capital letter and full stop)


Topic - Castle captions 


Thursday's Home Learning (15.10.20) 

Maths - Addition and Subtraction to 20

Addition and Subtraction Facts to 100


Phonics - ur (nurse with a purse)

ow (brown cow)


Guided Reading -  Chapter 4 Quiz


Literacy -

Subordinating conjunctions

Capital letters for names


Topic - Paint Project: Castles


Friday's Home Learning (16.10.20)

Maths - Addition and Subtraction Cloze

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems


Phonics - ar (start the car)

or (shut the door)


Guided Reading - Chapter 4 Missing Words 


Literacy - Comparatives (learn about adjectives then compare choosing the appropriate adjective on Purple Mash)

Demarcation in sentences 


Topic/physical activity - Cosmic Yoga

Additional resources for W/B: 12.10.20
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