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Summer Term 2

Nature walk and pressed flower book marks

Week 6


Well transition week has arrived with study of the book Superworm by Julia Donaldson.  As part of this we looked at features of the novel, described Superworm and where he lives then designed and made some book marks using materials collected on our nature walk.  We then made bug hotels using plastic bottles and wood, with the children measuring and drilling the boxes for the hotels.  The children will finish with created Superworm Kennings poems.  Well done Class 4!

Week 5


Thank you to Mr Kariuki for joining our class today and sharing his knowledge of the African culture and his tribe in Kenya.  The children were fascinated and absolutely loved it!  They learnt how tribes made yoghurt and tried on traditional tribal clothing.

Week 5


Thank you to all the grown -ups who attended our topic afternoon.  We had a brilliant time, spending quality time with our grown-ups making Native |American Indian dream catchers.  Once again thank you to everyone for their continued support of Class 4.

Week 4 - The 4th of July - American Topic Day


Today we celebrated Independence day and our Topic day by coming into school in fancy dress (Native American Indian or Cowboy theme) and spent the morning making Tipi's, campfires and shooting bows and arrows.  A brilliant morning to be followed by making American pizza in the afternoon along with salsa and chips. 

Well done Class 4!

Taste Testing

Pizza and salsa

Week 4


Another brilliant day was had by Year 5s at St Pius school.  The children experienced a technology day in which they designed and made a product from start to finish including, vacuum forming, baking millionaire shortbread, creating chocolates, and designing and making the products box and packaging.  The children also studied nutrition and found out that the cookies they made although tasty and absolutely fine to eat in small portions, they were a huge 800 calories each, so they realised they were a perfect treat after a hard days work.  

Week 4


A brilliant sports day today which saw lots of children completing team work, supporting each other, encouraging each other and showing a positive growth mindset when competing in sporting activities.  Thanks again to all our parents for their continued support this year.

Well done Class 4 you all were awesome!

Week 3


Well done to the Year 5's who completed their road safety, Bike-ability training.  They worked incredibly hard and earnt lots of praise and a certificate from the instructors.  This week some year 5 children also had the opportunity to carry out some nutrition and food preparation by designing and making some cookies to go with our 'Road Trip USA' topic.  Well done Class 4 another brilliant week.

Week 2


Today Class 4, Year 4 prayer group leaders had the opportunity to lead Mass in the school church.  The Prayer Group leaders did a brilliant job, spoke confidently and clearly and showed their respect for the church.


Well Done Class 4!

Mosaic with DCAF

Week 2


Today we were visited by Dearne Community Arts Festival, the ladies who arrived set up activities for Class 4 to create a mosaic that will be on display at the Arts festival itself - it demonstrated the logo of Sacred Heart School.  The children were also able to create individual mosaics and collages.  Thank you so much to the ladies from the Arts club and well done to the children for showing their individual creative flair.

Week 1


This week Class 4 continued there novel journey of The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynn Reid Banks.  The children are absolutely loving the novel, this week we looked at writing that 'shows and not tells' a characters feelings and emotions in speech.  The children spent time identifying how to correctly set out speech in writing by editing mistakes in work.  Next week, the children will predict the next part of the story and use this knowledge to write their own exciting speeches for the next part of The Indian in the Cupboard story.

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