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Autumn Term 2

Week 7


This week has flown by for class 5! 


Glad Tidings nativity

Class 5 retold the Christmas story accompanied by Class 3 and 4 providing help singing songs. Both myself and Mrs Thompson were very proud of every child who took part in the Christmas play. We were amazed at how quickly they learned their words. We hope parents were as proud as us.


Science - Reflecting Light

As part of our science unit "Light," class 5 investigated how light reflects. Children made a periscope to demonstrate their understanding of how light reflects.


Library Visit

On Thursday morning Class 5 explored Goldthorpe library. The librarians explained that libraries don't just have books, they provide a range of services. This includes craft workshops, Coding sessions and even a table tennis league!




Science - Reflecting Light

Library Visit

Week 6


Literacy - This week we have investigated how Michael Morpurgo uses specific writing features when writing a diary. The stimulus for our work was based upon Christmas Day in 1914, in the trenches of France. Something monumentous happened that will be remembered in history forever. 


Mathematics - We have investigated types of quadrilaterals and identified similarities and differences they may possess. Work carried out involved testing our knowledge of protractors. 


RE - Advent. We create our very own Christingle and learned about the features of it. Please see the photographs below!


D&T / Christmas Fair - Linked to our topic and British Values, we created a Christmas card to be sold at the Christmas Fair. Donations made will be used to improve our school community.

Christingle making

Christmas card designs

Week 5


Literacy - This week we edited and created our polished piece of persuasive writing. We made cross curricular links and typed out our polished writing on the computer. Will you join the war effort after reading our persuasive texts below?


Mathematics - This week we used our known facts about angles on a straight line, angles about a point and vertically opposite angles to investigate missing angles. We also revised how to use a protractor when measuring an angle. 


Taekwondo - This was our penultimate session with Coach Flesher. We continued to develop a stronger mind and body, building upon the fundamentals of confidence, self esteem and teamwork.


Week 4


This week we made great progress with our design and technology project of puppetry. Foremost, we would like to give a huge thank you to our parent helpers for the support during our parent session.


Week 3


Wow! What an eventful week - starting off with a trip to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and finishing off with practising sewing skills to build our technique of running, overcast and back stitch! 



This week class 5 investigated the power of persuasive language and posters used in 1914 recruiting men to join the war effort. We used an extract from Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo to investigate how persuasive can be used in speech. We looked out for a variety of sentence structures that can be used for effect. These include: rhetorical questions, command, statements and exclamations. 



We continued to investigate calculation problems. This has prepared us for linear number sequences and algebraic equations!



On Thursday we were visited by Father Declan. Please take a look at the Catholic Life area of the website for more information.


Design and Technology (D&T)

Gymnastics 19.11.19

Science and Industry Museum Manchester 18.11.19

Frozen Kingdom display

Taekwondo lesson 2

Subtracting fractions

Subtracting fractions with a different denominator.

Week 1


Literacy - This week investigated how a journalist uses both direct quotes and reported speech and how they conclude a newspaper report. We then made a draft version of our very own newspaper article reporting on the death of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. We then edited and revised our draft and finally made our "posh" copy which is on display in the classroom. 


Maths - We explored how to compare fractions, find equivalent fraction decimal equivalences and end the week adding fractions. 


Topic - We investigated in further detail "great explorers" of the Antarctic. We studied evidence from the reports of Ernest Shackleton who with his team attempted to cross the Antarctic via the South Pole. We learnt that despite not achieving this aspiration he still succeeded by surviving over 500 days in the freezing Antarctic conditions!


We learnt about the Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak who in 1960 created a piece of artwork called "The Enchanted Owl." This print is known throughout Canada as it featured on a stamp. We love the use of non -naturalistic colours and simplistic use of curved lines.

Archduke Newspaper Report

The Enchanted Owl by Kenojuak Ashevak

Adding fractions

Adding fractions that have different common denominators.

Converting fractions into decimals

Converting a fraction into a decimal.

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