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Spring 1

Week 3

Teach Your Monster to Read phonics and reading app trailer

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning game that's helped millions of children learn to read.

Teach your monster to read is a fantastic resource to support reading at home or in school. It can be accessed via any mobile device or computer. The children need to log on to access their personalised school account which has been pre-set to ensure the correct level for each ability. Please see the letter that has come home this week with usernames and passwords. Please encourage use of this as opposed to the free access account which is just one level for all.

Access 'Teach Your Monster To Read' using the link below...

In Maths the children have been comparing numbers and using vocabulary such as more/less/greater/fewer. Some videos we have been singing to in class can be found below...

Comparing Numbers | Jack Hartmann

Comparing Numbers by Jack Hartmann compares groups of 2 objects to find out which group has more and which group has less.

Mrs. Alligator Can Chomp | Greater Than and less Than Numbers | Jack Hartmann

In Mrs. Alligator Can Chomp by Jack Hartmann. Mrs. Alligator loves to chomp numbers that are greater than the other number.

What is an Adjective | Parts of Speech Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

We have been learning to identify adjectives in a sentence. We have been writing them in a sentence to give more detail about a noun. They make our sentences super exciting!

Week 2

As part of our new RHE (Relationship and Health Education) learning we have enjoyed story sessions from the Gospel and have learnt a new song about God creating us. We have been thinking about who God is and the ways in which he shows us he loves us. We have been thinking about the Kingdom of God and what that means to us.

In literacy we have been identifying nouns in reading books. We know that nouns can be people, places of things. Look around your house , how many nouns can you name?

Nouns Song | What Is A Noun | Parts of Speech | Jack Hartmann

Children love my nouns song, "What is a Noun?" The simple definition is a noun is a person, place or thing.

Week 1

In maths this week we are focusing on recalling our times-tables. We have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times-tables. Here are some examples of ways that we can practise our times-table at home:

Purple Mash Website - Your child should have their log-in details on the front of their reading record.

2 Times Tables Song - Numberjacks

There are lots of great songs to help your child learn their times-tables...

Times tables and multiplication problem solving.

Everybody Reading In Class (ERIC!)

The Great Plague

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