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Hello class 3, thank you to the children who have been on their Purple Mash email and followed the instructions. You will earn extra credits when we get back to school!

Home Learning

From Thursday, work will be set daily on Purple Mash, children will need to complete:

1. A reading and comprehension activity
2. A  grammar, punctuation or spelling activity
3. A maths activity
4. A writing
5. A topic activity


All of this work will be in your 2Dos on Purple Mash, just like we have been doing for homework each week. Remember you can also email me on Purple Mash if you need help with your work. 

will need to log into Purple Mash school portal for their user name and password to be recognised.

There will also be videos posted on our website to support these lessons.


Extra worksheets can be found at the bottom of today's learning.

Thursday 15th October



Read chapter 5 of the setters (the other chapters have been completed for homework) complete the comprehension questions. This chapter tells you what happens after the fire and how Ash and his family are threatened by invaders.


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Extra Challenge! (credits given when we get back to school)

If you could do the sequence activity as well in your green school homework book and also the spelling, grammar and punctuation activity that links to the book. 



In this chapter River was very emotional. All she wanted was to protect her children, but it proved challenging. Read chapter 5 again, pretend you are River and answer the questions. Imagine she has been interviewed by Settlers News Daily, a newspaper. Use the writing template to write the answers to River's interview.



LO - Add and subtract multiples of 100

Watch the following video 'Add and subtract multiples of 100' to support your learning. Remember to pause and write your answers in your green book. 

Have a go at these questions in your green book.




How to draw a Roman soldier, you can do this in crayons or felt tips.









Friday 16th October


Maths ,Writing, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

In your 2Dos you will have a maths, a writing, a reading, a comprehension, a spelling/grammar/punctuation activity to do today. 


You will also have a video to watch for maths before you start your 2Do.


Remember if you need anything explaining send me an email on Purple Mash.








Year 4 work or if you fancy a challenge

Something a little easier

Fact families 

Monday 19th October

Maths ,Writing, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

In your 2Dos you will have a maths, a writing, a reading, a comprehension, a spelling/grammar/punctuation activity to do today. 


You will also be emailed a maths sheet which you should complete in your green books.


Make sure you watch the video below for maths before you start your 2Dos.


Please carry on doing your times tables on TTR.


If you need anything explaining or just want to message me then send me an email on Purple Mash. 





Go to your 2Dos complete the task - understand positive emotions.

Tuesday 20th October



Learn how to subtract two-digit numbers.

For example 82 - 22 = 60 or 45 - 17 = 28.

This lesson includes:

  • one video
  • two activities

and /or

Complete the arithmetic test which you have been emailed. 



To write a diary entry based on a classic tale.

This lesson includes:

  • one video telling the story of The Enormous Pumpkin

  • one video to remind you how to plan your writing

  • three activities to complete



Go to your 2Dos.



Go to your 2Dos.



Go to your 2Dos. Understand negative emotions.

Wednesday 21st October



rounding to the nearest 10

Reading, Comprehension and Writing 

Go to your 2Dos on Purple Mash



Go to your emails on Purple Mash, read the Powerpoint and complete the diary entry about Skara Brae.



Thursday 22nd October



TTR complete the soundcheck

Learn it to complete (see Purple Mash email)

work in your 2Dos

Reading, Comprehension and Writing 

Read chapter 3 of the book. Go to your 2Dos on Purple Mash and complete the comprehension activity. Then look at the writing task and write the next part of the story.


Watch this video as it will help you with checking for mistakes in your writing.


Learn how to find mistakes in writing and correct them.

  • a video about identifying errors

  • three activities


There are four things to check for:

  1. Make sure your sentences flow nicely.

  2. Double-check your facts.

  3. Check everything makes sense.

  4. Look out for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.




Watch the video below and create a character profile about Boudica.

Complete the sheet below.



Friday 23rd October



Halloween themed adding money. Lessons and video clips will be found in your Purple Mash 2email

for an extra challenge see the Halloween place value code breaker


In your 2Dos there is a create a menu for a monster activity. Watch the video then read the 'think about'. Click on the green cross to find pictures for your menu.

Reading and Comprehension

Read and complete the two reading challenges.

The Cat in the Witches Wood

One Tiny Mistakes


Draw a witch and a haunted house.


One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.