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Autumn Term 1

Week 8


Science week has been very exciting.  We have made predictions about which objects might float or sink before testing them. As we continued to test the objects we became much more accurate at making predictions.  We have explored our senses too by completing a "tasteless tongue experiment".  We had to close our eyes and keep them closed whilst pinching our noses tight.  Once we had done this we were given a sweet to bite in half.  We could not taste the sweet it was just very chewy.  After we had swollowed our sweet we could then open our eyes, unpinch our noses and then eat the other half of our sweet.  This time we knew what flavour the sweet was! It was amazing.  Why not try it at home with some wine gums?

We were very excited for our parents to join us in Nursery for our parent session.  Before the session began we went on a mission outside to collect a range of autumnal leaves.  During our parent session we used the leaves to help us be magnificent mathematicians by observing, sorting and counting the different leaves.  We also created lots of different animals using the leaves.  We all had lots of fun making a clay hedgehog.  We had to shape and mould the clay before adding sticks for spikes and googly eyes. All the children and grown ups had lots of fun sharing and exploring our learning environment and provision.  We can't wait for our next session.

Week 7


It has been another busy week in nursery. On Wednesdays continued to promote the '10 day active challenge' by going green!  As part of our going green day we all came to school wearing something green.  Our challenge throughout the day was to eat something green so for snack we enjoyed a tasty green apple.

Going green

The nursery children have been really enjoying our whole class collective worship sessions and have become more confident using our reflection areas.  This week some of the children chose to create their own collective worship session and they invited some of their friends to join them.  It was amazing to see the children enjoying gathering together and reflecting.

Collective worship

On Friday we all went into church for our first welcome Mass.  We enjoyed joining in with the songs and experiencing what it was like in church.  Father Declan gave us all a blessing as we embark on new beginning in school.


On Friday we made chocolate buns with chocolate icing.  We followed the recipe carefully.  We learnt that if you sieve the flour into the mixture it adds air and this makes the buns more fluffy.  After all the ingredients were added we carefully spooned the mixture into the bun cases.  Mrs Blakemore put the buns in the oven and we added 20 minutes to the timer.  We eagerly waited for the buns to bake.  They smelt delicious! Once they were cooled we mixed cocoa powder to the icing sugar to make chocolate flavoured icing.  The buns looked fantastic and we were all keen to taste our creations.

Week 6


This week has been our whole school "Health and well-being" week where we have been thinking about all the different thing she we need to do to ensure we have a healthy body and mind.  Our week started with thinking about the importance of personal hygiene.  We talked about the correct way to wash our hands and then we had lots of fun all brushing our teeth after our snack.  We learnt that you should brush our teeth twice a day, after breakfast and before we go to bed, for 2 minutes.  We had some special visitors in school to talk to us about road safety.  We learnt a little song to help us to keep safe.

      "Before you cross the street, use your ears and eyes before your feet!"

After the talk we all received a reflective badge to wear so that we have something bright to help us to be seen in the dark.


On Tuesday we had lots of fun with Mr Henry doing circuit training.  Each activity, star jumps, squats, bottom balances, jogging and ball skills, helped us to develop our muscles and fitness.  It was very tiring though!


On Wednesday we all came to school wearing a superhero mask as part of our "10 day active challenge". We all have been making an extra effort to walk, jog, scoot or cycle to school.  We know hat this is great exercise and is better for the planet because it reduces pollution.


On Thursday we all took part in our very own "Ready, steady, cook challenge". We had two teams, the red tomatoes and the green peppers, who made two different dishes using the ingredients they had been given.  The red tomatoes made a fruit smoothie using bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, yoghurt and milk, whilst the green peppers made a fruit salad with oranges, apples, pears, strawberries, melon, grapes and orange juice.  We all got to taste the fruit salad and smoothie and then voted for our favourite one.  Our votes showed that most of us preferred the fruit salad.


On Friday we tried something different!  Whilst thinking about keeping ourselves healthy we learnt the importance of having healthy minds.  To help us we all had a go at relaxing whilst doing yoga.  We were surprised to find that we all enjoyed it and have decided to do this more often.  After yoga we used some of the different fruits to create our own fruit kebabs.  This was lots of fun and tasted delicious.


Week 5


In our phonics this week we have been recapping our knowledge on environmental sounds before moving on to learn all "instrumental sounds". We have been using the musical instruments to explore th different sounds we can make. We were then challenged to change the sounds by altering how we played it.  To make a loud sound we had to beat, shake or strike the instrument harder and if we wanted to make a quiet sound we moved slower or more gently.  We have tried hard to listen to the sounds and repeat what we hear.

Mrs Blakemore has been challenging some of the children in Nursery this week.  As we recognise all of the numerals to 10 Mrs Blakemore has been teaching us the value of these numbers. To get us warmed up we had to count and order the numerals 0 - 10.  We did a brilliant job!  

Maths challenge

On Friday we all worked together to make and bake buns.  As we added the different ingredients we talked about how they changed the mixture from dry to wet and how by baking them they became solid again.  We all took a bun home... I hope they tasted delicious.

Week 4


In our collective worship this week we gathered together in a circle by listening to a song.  We listened to a prayer "Thank you God" before thinking about what we are thankful for. We shared our thoughts before holding a tiny seed.  We learnt that God knew about us when we were as tiny as a seed.  Afterwards our mission going forth was to tell someone about our prayer of thanks.

Collective worship

This week we have continued to develop our personal, social and emotional skills by ensuring we get to know each other well.  We have been exploring all the different areas of provision with a new friend.  We have been trying hard to remember our class motto "Choose it, use it and put it away!"  We have had lots of fun and we are beginning to remember the names of all our new friends.

Knowing me, knowing you

Week 3

Today we learnt how to make playdough.  We used a cup and spoons to measure all of the ingredients.  First we put 2 cups of flour into a bowl and then we added 1 cup of salt.  We used 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.  We added some food colouring to a cup of water and then took it in turns to stir the mixture together.  Because the mixture was very wet and sloppy we had to keep adding flour until it started to all stick together.  We kneaded the dough together, adding flour to make it less sticky.  We are very happy to have some pink playdough ready for next week.

Week 2


On Tuesday we had our first PE lesson with Mr Henry and Mr Johnson.  We burnt off lots of energy running around playing games and listening to the instructions.  We can't wait for next weeks session.

Our our first PE session

On Thursday we gathered together for collective worship.  Our focus was all about being special.  We sang a song and shared our thoughts on what makes us all special.  We celebrated our uniqueness by saying a prayer of thanks.  

Collective worship

We practised our turn taking skills by having a class game of "Roll and Play". We had to roll the dice, say the colour and then follow the instructions on the cards. It was lots of fun.  Some of us had to make animal sounds, make funny faces or find an object of a specific colour. 

Week 1

Wow, what an amazing start we have had in Nursery this week.  All of our superheroes have enjoyed exploring both the indoor and outdoor provision.  We have especially enjoyed our newly developed construction area outside.  This week we have focused on getting to know each other and are beginning to make new friends.  We can't wait to see how we learn and grow together as a team.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.