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Summer 1

Week 7


Wow what an exciting week.  The children finished their Tag Rugby lessons with team matches, using the skills they had learnt in passing and defending to try and win as Class 4 champions.  We also, continued checking the growth of our potatoes to see if any had yet to clone.  We finished writing our non chronological reports about our mechanicals as well as writing detailed book reviews of the book Cogheart by Peter Bunzl.  As well as this, the children have compared life cycles of animals including rabbits and humans.  Well done class 4, I am incredibly proud of all your hard work this half term and the continued support from your families.

Week 6


What a week, the children have continued to develop their coordination and team working skills in tag rugby, then they have investigated plants, bulbs and tubers before beginning an experiment to see if they can clone a potato.  Class 4 have also spent time investigating animals that they are going to turn into a mechanimal from Cogheart, before writing a non chronological report.

Class 4 are also writing a book review about Peter Bunzl Cogheart book and hope to put the final touches on them next week.

In art we have continued our journey into alternate realities, this time looking into facial expressions of characters before trying to draw the Grinch from Dr Seuss.  

Well done Class 4!

Week 5


This week the children have continued to their understanding of instructions, they have followed instructional videos in which they had to memorise the instructions and repeat them to draw a cartoon pirate accurately, to then writing the EXACT instructions for making a jam sandwich, before then creating their own instructions with accompanying photos to make grass seed head monsters.  The children have loved these and will go onto creating their own Zoetrope next week as part of novel study of Cogheart by Peter Bunzl.

Well done Class 4!

Week 4


This week Class 4 have developed their skills when mixing paint.  The children started off with yellow and then slowly added more and more white to develop their understanding of tinting colours.  The children then looked at shading and how adding more and more black will deepen the colour until it becomes the darkest shade.  Surprisingly, this took a while for the children to get the hang of, but the created some great examples of tinting and shading at the end.  Well done Class 4!

Week 3


So far this week, the children have dissected daffodils to understand how a flower is pollinated and which are the male and female gametes and reproductive organs in a flower.

The children have also continued developing their skills in tag rugby as well as finishing their short 'Penny dreadful' style horror stories.  During maths the children have looked at compass points, linking this with angles and turns, degrees and fractions.

Well done Class 4

Week 2


This week Class 4 have continued their journey in art, we are currently studying 'If it is possible to create your own alternative reality'.  As part of this the children have looked at different novels and films that have different realities such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth.  The children have linked this with their Literacy Novel of Cogheart and created maps of an alternate reality in which their horror stories are taking place.  During art, we have had a go at following a step-by-step guide to drawing Dr Seuss characters.  They did brilliantly and tried incredibly hard.

During PE the children have had brilliant fun playing Tag Rugby and developing their hand eye coordination and team playing skills.  Well done Class 4!

Summer 1 week 1

Week 1


This week the children began reading the novel Cogheart by Peter Bunzl for there novel study.  This book will be used for both Guided Reading and Literacy.  In the beginning of the book, the main character Lily is reading Penny dreadful comics, therefore, this week we have begun planning our own horror stories in a Penny dreadful style.

Our second book, Bloom, links with science (living things) and PHSE.  We have read the story and discussed feelings,  we have then created posters to show what makes us 'bloom' and 'gloom'.

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