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Autumn 1

WK 8 W/C 23/10/23


Concentrating in RE


In Religious Education, our topic is Signs & Symbols and we have been learning about Baptism.  We have concentrated really hard this week and have begun to learn that the door represents being welcomed into church.

WK 7 W/C 16/10/23

A harvest assembly prepared by Class 2!

Wow! What an amazing harvest assembly! The children worked so hard to perform their songs and remember their words. It is super scary standing up in front of a big audience but I'm sure you can agree they did an amazing job. We are so proud of how brave they all were! Well done Class 2!

Our brilliant singing....

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Big Red Combine Harvester.mp4

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Thank you for the harvest.mp4

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WEEK 6 W/C 09/10/23

Harvest Festival Practise


Parents, you are in for a treat on Tuesday!  The children have been super busy this week painting beautiful paintings of vegetables and fruit, writing about harvest and practising our lines.  We have used percussion instruments in time with the beat of the song Big Red Combine Harvester.  We have tried so hard to speak clearly and confidently with our heads held high.  Extra practise at home will make us even more spectacular!  Thanks.

Week 5  W/C 02.10.23...

Our Class Virtues are Respect & Courtesy

We painted fruits and vegetables for the Harvest!

We worked hard on our number formation and counting in tens! We noticed they all end in a zero!

COOL COUNTING! (Skip-counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s)

This week we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s!

Week 4  W/C 25.09.23

This week we improved our balance skills by playing the traditional game hopscotch. The children loved creating their own games and working together to play them correctly.

Speed sounds to practise at home!

Practise set 2 and 3 speed sounds at home to help with your reading. Can you write some words with these sounds too?

In Read Write Inc our grey group children started their new book 'I dare you'. They worked so well with their partners to practise different parts of their book. Fred the frog watched carefully to pick a RWI star of the day!

In maths we used manipulatives to make and order numbers. We compared the amount of tens and ones in a number to help.

Mr. Alligator Can Chomp

A song we learnt to help with finding greater and less than a number. The children have been using the maths symbols < > = to compare numbers.

Week 3  W/C 18.09.23

Shading in Art!


We looked at the artwork of artist Nancy McCroskey and used her 'Suite in Black and White' piece as inspiration to practise our shading techniques.  We applied different pressures with our pencil to create a variety of different shades and tones.

A well deserved brain break!


The children have been working so hard this week and have had a busy last day so they have enjoyed a little bit of a brain break dancing.

Amazing Avatars


In computing, we continued learning about online safety and what to do if we are ever unsure online.  We used Purple Mash and logged on independently.  We then created our own avatars to represent ourselves.  We really enjoyed this - some looked really true to life and others were very abstract!

Week 2  W/C 11.09.23

Rollercoaster Painting


Today in art, we developed our painting skills by creating smooth brush marks to make our own rollercoaster paintings.  We learned to keep our paint colours clean and how to mix and create different opacities by adding water.

Place Value in Maths


In maths, we have been practising place value by using 10s and 1s counters to build two digit numbers.



Our new topic in history is all about the plague.  We have been learning about the grim reality of this shocking time in our past! Gruesome!

Computing and Online Safety


In computing, we have been continuing to practise logging on to different educational apps with confidence.  We have also been keeping up with current affairs and being aware of Lala Bop.  The children are really brilliant at remembering our online safety rules and have really enjoyed listening to the online safety song.

Week 1 W/C 04.09.23

Super sketch work!


The children have really enjoyed exploring their new sketch books in art today and have been drawing for pleasure.  They have picked what they wanted to sketch and have carefully looked at their images to make sure they were drawing accurately.  

Working hard in Literacy


We have worked really hard in literacy today, creating descriptive sentences about Pip and Posy.  We have used our success criteria to check our writing was correct.

Reading for Pleasure


We have enjoyed our reading for pleasure session this afternoon.  It was lovely to see friends sharing books and taking turns with the reading or interpreting of the stories.

smileyheartAn Amazing First Day in Class 2!!heartsmiley

Our Classroom Environment

A few pictures so parents and carers can see what it's like inside....

Fabulous Number Formation


The children worked really hard in their maths learning today, making sure they formed their numbers clearly and correctly.

Having fun and keeping cool at play time!


It has been a scorcher of a day, but the children have enjoyed playing in our outdoor area and keeping cool under the shade of the trees. 



Today we have looked at a QWERTY keyboard and have learned how to log into TTRock Stars.  Extra practise at home will really help children to become fluent in their times tables.

n our first autumn term we will be learning...


Reading, writing and counting numbers to 10 and beyond.

Recognising how many tens and ones are in a number (partitioning) and using this to compare and order numbers.

Using symbols < > = to compare numbers.

Finding one more and one less than a given number.

Counting in 2s, 5s,10s,3s from zero.

Weekly big maths/arithmetic practise to improve speed and fluency.



Improving handwriting, letter formation and size. Sitting letters correctly on the lines.

Capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Orally composing a sentences and writing it down using fred fingers and special friends to improve spellings.



The Great Plague 1665


Forces - pushes and pulls


Families/Belonging to different groups.

Harvest Time


Drawing, clay, shading.


We are created by God.

Our bodies and health.


Fundamental skills- travelling, balancing, jumping, hopping, skipping


Plague song, harvest songs


Keeping safe online.

Exploring purple mash.

Maze explorers.

We would love to see any home learning you do to support our autumn topics!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.