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Autumn 1

Week 8

We've come to the end of our first half term of the year. The children have settled really well and have been working hard. We hope you all have a lovely week off and come back refreshed and ready to learn. Have a lovely week!


In maths this week the Year 2s have been practising adding and subtracting 10 from a 2 digit number. The Year 1s have been exploring numbers from 10 to 20.


Week 7

In music we are learning a sea shanty called "John Kanakanaka"!  We have to really feel the pulse of the music so we can fit actions to it. Our next step is to move round the circle changing partners for each new verse.

Week 6

Our science topic this term is "Forces" and we are exploring different surfaces and how they effect how a car moves on them.

Today we began an investigation. We decided to compare brick, concrete grass and chippings to compare how far a car travelled on each of them. We've been learning about "fair tests" and making sure that our tests were fair.

Week 5


This week we have officially launched our new reading incentive that was mentioned in our newsletter. Here are a couple of key things to remember.

- Reading bags must be in school on a Monday to allow us time to change books ready to send back home on Tuesdays. During this time we also check reading records to award raffle tickets to any child who has read at least 3 times that week. Every Friday one of the raffle tickets will be selected and they will take home our 'Magic Bag'.

As an additional incentive, children who consistently read on a minimum basis of 3 times per week will be entered in a draw at the end of each term giving them a chance to win a prize.



Well done to our PE star this week.... Aaryan!! yes


This week we have been busy rehearsing a song all about our topic; The Great Fire of London. We hope you enjoy our performance video below! smiley


Still image for this video

Week 4


This week we continued our learning about the Great Fire of London. We watched a video which took us back in time to show how the Great Fire would've been. We then discussed the key events of the fire, we couldn't believe it lasted 5 whole days! 

We then worked together in small groups to create freeze frames of the key events. We then put them into chronological order to create our very own human timeline! We really enjoyed this practical activity.


In PE this week we continued developing our balancing skills. We ended the session with a balancing competition, this was SO fun! Well done to our PE star this week... Cooper! laugh

Week 3


We made a start on our new Maths initiative this week, Power Maths! We were super excited to start learning with our shiny, special workbooks. 


We really enjoyed our PE session this week led by Active Fusion. We focused on balancing and creating pathways for us to perform multiple balances along. Well done to our PE star of the week this week... Gretel! laugh


Week 2


This week we have been carrying out some of our baseline assessments. We are so impressed with the maturity in which the children demonstrated when completing the papers.


We also made a start on our new topic! We closed our eyes and listened to some raging, burning fire sounds. We had to discuss what we thought it would look like, smell like, sound like and feel like. We put ourselves in the shoes of the people involved in the Great Fire and discussed how tragic it must have been. 


Week 1


Welcome back everybody, it's been great to see you all and get to know some of our new faces in Class 2. Everyone has settled back into school life brilliantly and we can already tell it's going to be a great year! 


Our topic for this term is The Great Fire of London and The Plague! It'll be so interesting to learn about these two famous disasters... let's hope it's not too gruesome! surprise

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