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Hi everyone at home. It is unfortunate that we can't be at school now. I have set your learning for tomorrow on the purple mash app. you should all have recieved the notifications. 


On our website I will be posting maths lesson videos that pair with the maths activity to help with your learning.


I will also be posting a new chapter daily of the book Beth on the Nile. It will come with quiz questions as well as a writing/topic activity for each chapter.


You have been set spellings for the week as well as a quiz to go with it and daily you will recieve a new SPAG game or activity to try.

Monday 18th October




Follow this link and watch the video and complete the two work sheets from our power maths book on how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.




Check your email for more colon, semi-colon and dashes work.




So we can complete the book I have sent you the remaining chapters of Beth on the Nile as well as the quizzes and activities that accompany them

Friday 16th




Please find attached in the purple mash email a simplifying fractions worksheet using the highest common factor.



Complete chapter 3 of Beth in the Nile



Play using colons in a list game.



Complete the research project to write as much detail and information as you can on King Tut's tomb found by Howard Carter. (Beware of the curse of the Sun King)

Thursday 15th 



Chapter 2 of our book along with the quiz questions.



Please check your emails in purple mash and find a powerpoint and extra sheets on synonyms and antonyms as we found them tricky yesterday



Complete the dialogue activities.



Watch the video below if you need extra support watch lesson 12 and 13 as well to complete our work on simplyfying fractions.

Wednesday 14th




Below is lesson 1 in a series of lessons exploring equivalent fractions. Feel free to watch lessons 1 through 5 if you need to.

1. Develop understanding of equivalent fractions through quantity, area and number line models

The first lesson on fractions, aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils, in a series produced during the school closures period in summer 2020. For a full list of lesson...


To produce an information poster about the Egyptian afterlife.



Synonyms and antonyms.



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