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Summer 1

W/B: Monday 20th May 2024

Week 7

This Monday, Class 2 took part in a variety of activities at our Key Stage 1 Sports Day on the school field with parents and carers watching and cheering on.


Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to parents and carers for attending!


Have a wonderful half-term holiday,

Miss Garratt heart

W/B: Monday 13th May 2024

Week 6

Instructions: How to make a jam sandwich

This week, Class 2 continued to recognise the features of instructions and develop the skills needed to write them. We also, followed instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and then, we wrote instructions ourselves using adverbs of time, adverbs of manner, a variety of verbs, expanded noun phrases and many other features. 


Well done Class 2 on your hard work this week in Literacy!

W/B: Monday 6th May 2024

Week 5

This Thursday, Class 2 invited our parents and carers into class to continue with our multi-media super-themed artwork. 


We used the different techniques we have learnt in class to create a large piece of artwork and worked collaboratively with peers, parents and carers. 


Thank you to everyone that attended our parents afternoon and well done to all of Class 2 on their hard work and creative artwork!

W/B: Monday 29th April 2024

Week 4

This Thursday, Class 2 went on our school trip to Eureka Science Museum. 


We had a fantastic day exploring the science museum, learning about our bodies, senses, exercise and the world (living and working together). 


We took part in a wonderful Science Show called the Gross Lab and learnt about our bodily functions and fluids including stomach acid and saliva. 


Well done Class 2 on a wonderful day and for engaging well in our Science work this Thursday.


Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend!

Miss Garratt smiley

W/B: Monday 22nd April 2024

Week 3

British Values: Democracy

This Tuesday, Class 2 looked at the British Value of Democracy.


We learnt what a democracy is and then we created a situation in which we had a class democracy; everyone's view was considered, everyone was equal, included and voted which book we should read at the end of the day.


We also looked at other situations and decided whether they showed a democracy or not and we worked on our explanations of why or why not these situations showed a democracy. 


Well done Class 2 on your hard work on British Values!

W/B: Monday 15th April 2024

Week 2

This Tuesday, Class 2 started our Mixed Media and Sculpture Art focus with the theme of Superheroes. 


We started our session by exploring superhero poses using a artist's mannequin, recreating them with our bodies.


Then we used pipe cleaners, masking tape, card and playdough to create our own superhero pose sculpture. 


Well done Class 2 artists on your fantastic creations and hard work this week in Art!

W/B: Monday 8th April 2024

Week 1

This Monday, Class 2 took part in our first Inclusive Sports session in which the children got the opportunity to use wheelchairs made for sports. They worked on travelling in these, forwards, backwards and turning. Then completed activities to music and played wheelchair tig. 


Well done Class 2 on your enthusiasm, hard work and sensible attitudes in our first

Inclusive Sports session!

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