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Spring Term 2

Week 8

Happy Easter from all of us in Class 2!

This week, Class 2 have taken part in some excellent Easter celebrations and activities in school.


Our week began with our own Palm Sunday assembly with Class 1 on Monday. 

We then took part in the Stations of the Cross on Tuesday with the whole school.

On Wednesday we created our beautiful Easter cards for family members (as you will see in the photograph!).

Then we will finish the week on Thursday with Class 4's Easter Assembly.


Well done to Class 2 for being so respectful this Holy Week and well done on the lovely work they have produced!


Have a peaceful Easter everyone in Class 2 and to your families

From Miss Garratt


Week 7

This week Class 2 worked very hard to rehearse their parts for our Palm Sunday Assembly with Class 1 on Monday 15th April 2019. 


Class 2 perfected their lines and dramas, and Class 1 helped us to sing and sign to our Palm Sunday songs beautifully as well as helping to wave all of our palm branches in celebration. 

All of the children worked so hard as you will see in the photographs above which show our Palm Sunday Assembly! 

Week 6

Carnival Collages and Friday Afternoon in Class 2

This Friday, Class 2 took part in show and tell and we had some excellent choosing time which included building in our construction area to create a rainforest and working in our travel agents role-play. 


Some children got the opportunity to begin our art task which is to create a collage inspired by a Brazilian carnival. The children created some bright and beautiful collages and we will continue with them next week when we begin to conclude our topic of Rio De Vida.


What a great Friday Class 2 has had. Have a wonderful weekend.

Week 5

On Thursday, Class 2 took part in some Athletics in our playground and the sun stayed out helping us to have a brilliant PE lesson. 


To start our session we played a gear game; when gear 1 was shouted we walked and then the speed increased with each gear that was shouted. 


We followed this game with an exciting train game in which we had to stay in our groups and follow each other like a train whilst we controlled our speed. 


To end our session we lined up back to back, in pairs, to play a fishes game that everyone was very excited about. One child had to rush away from their partner as quick as possible like a fish swimming away and the other acted like a predator and had to catch their tail. 


Class 2 had a fantastic lesson and controlled their speed very well.

We will continue to do this in PE and to remember to control our speed when walking around school and other places where we need to be careful!

Week 4

Happy World Downs Syndrome Day!

This Thursday, Class 2 wore odd socks in order to celebrate World Downs Syndrome Day and we also, had a very special visitor who taught us some makaton as we learnt that makaton can help us to communicate with others if they struggle to understand just our words, we can use our words and actions too!


As a class, we watched a video which taught us about downs syndrome and how children or people with it might just take a little bit longer to learn than us but, they still have the same emotions and have just as much fun as us!


Class 2 learnt some more songs in makaton like 'The Wheels on the Bus' and 'You've Got a Friend in Me!' and then, we learnt the alphabet. It was quite tricky but, Class 2 really concentrated and did so well. Some children even managed to remember the actions and sign their name in makaton. 


Fantastic listening and work this week Class 2!


Week 3

On Thursday 14th March Class 2 took part in a sponsored run with James Dasaolu when he visited our school. James Dasaolu is a 100m sprinter and competed against Usain Bolt in the 2012 Olympic Heats and so, everyone was very excited for our sponsored event with him. 


James did an activity session with each class, introduced himself and gave us lots of information and advice in his assembly. Everyone in Class 2 took part in our sponsored run and did a fantastic job.

Well done Class 2!

Week 2

World Book Day in Class 2 was such a fantastic day for all of us.


We really enjoyed guessing the characters everyone came to school as by giving each other clues and acting as them. 


Class 2, also, produced some wonderful character descriptions on the character they were dressed as.


The children greatly enjoyed sharing the books they brought in with their classmates and to complete the day, we had so much fun completing a quiz on all things books. Some of the questions were very tricky but, one of our groups got a fantastic high score on our quiz!


Thank you to everyone in Class 2 for taking on the roles of their characters so well today, for showing their love of books and for dressing to impress. Thank you to parents for all of the effort you made too. 


What a wonderful World Book Day!

Week 1

Learning to Samba with City Limits Dance Teachers

On Monday afternoon, Class 2 flamboyantly and beautifully showed the samba skills that they gained during the day to their parents. 


City Limits dance teachers came in to teach us our very own samba-inspired routine and we also learnt some cha-cha-cha. As well as learning routines we did lots of dancing and games for fun.


We practised and practised our samba routine to perform it to our parents and perfect the dance as our topic is called Rio De Vida and in Brazilian carnivals the samba is often danced. 


Class 2 worked so hard and performed a beautiful routine as well as having lots of fun and developing their dancing skills. 


Well done Class 2!

Active Fusion: Multiskills Competition

This Thursday, Class 2 took part in a Multiskills Competition with our Active Fusion teachers and Class 5 team leaders and they showed great skill, attitudes and everyone showed their beautiful smiles as they had so much fun completing the challenges. 


Fantastic work Class 2!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.