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Spring 2

Week 7


Thank you to all the pupils this half term, you have worked incredibly hard and achieved so much.  You have studied how, plants grow, what influences their growth, growing conditions.  You have written horror narratives and worked hard developing your understanding of fractions.  Incredible work and effort.  

Well done Class 4!

Week 6 - Street and Country dancing

The Final Dance

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Week 5


This week the children have written their narratives, they have used editing stations to up level their work and add detail to the reader.  We have also learnt about map symbols and why keys and symbols are important on maps and how they can help you to navigate an area.

Meanwhile, in science we have planted some seeds and are investigating if seeds need soil to grow.

Well done Class 4.

Week 4


This week the children began planning a horror narrative linked with the novel 'Crater Lake' by Jennifer Killick.  The children where given an extract and asked to plan what they thought could happen next if they were writing the story.

In maths the children have continued there fractions journey by learning how to add and subtract fractions, whilst in Geography we have examined local maps and identified what a county is and the towns and city in South Yorkshire.

Week 3


This week the Year 5 children took part in a Forensic science investigation day in which they had to solve a crime at St Pius school.  the children successfully learnt about finger printing, took there own and classified them.  Created plaster of Paris moulds of shells in the style of what they do for identifying footprints at a crime scene, as well as seperating ink (chromatography). 

The children had a brilliant day and there behaviour was wonderful.

Week 2


This week saw us begin our new class novel of Crater lake by Jennifer Killick, as part of this the children are looking at the origins of stories and completed a group writing activity.

We also explored some different fruits from climates different to our own and evaluated them using sensory evaluations.  we tried Pomegranite, pineapples and blueberries.

As part of Collective worship the children wrote prayers for those in the Ukraine. 

We also learnt about equivalent fractions and used playdoh to model this.

Well done class 4!

Week 1 (World Book Week)

Wow what a week!  Brilliant start to the half term with the children having a week focusing on Literacy tasks around The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.  We also had WBD, in which staff and children alike dressed up as a book character from a novel.

We also carried out the science experiment in which we looked at dying the colour of flowers using their capillary action, whilst also beginning our new topic of fractions in math's.

Using our Ten Ten resources, the children learnt about puberty and what it is and how it can affect a persons body.

Finally, the children took part in some dance American style dance classes, Led by Ellie.

Well done Class 4!

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