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Autumn Term 1

Week 8


We had a fantastic time in our final week of this half term working on our art skills. We have looked at shading and sketching and have produced some excellent pieces of art based on Arctic animals. We then invited our parents to come into class on Wednesday afternoon and bring these pieces of art to life by using clay to sculpt our drawings. We would like to thank all parents for coming in and making it a fantastic afternoon.

Week 6


This week in design and Technology we finished our topic on air pressure and hydraulics. We created monsters with an in built hydraulics or air pressure system which can affect how they look. I think we can all agree they look fantastic.

Week 4


This has been a very busy week for class 5 this week as we have had to prepare for both a parents accembly and leading the welcome mass in school. Thank you for all parents who attended both and I think you will agree they did us all very proud. Below are a few videos and pictures from the class assembly.


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Week 3


Class 5 have been doing some fantastic science work this week. We have been looking at the change of states of materials between solid, liquids and gasses. We first looked at the properties of the materials and what makes each one different. We then looked at the molecular makeup of the materials and how the particles of each material are arranged. We took this outside and had a practical experiment where we became the particles trying to fit through a fixed space.

Solid 1.MOV

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Liquid 1.MOV

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Week 2


This week we have been looking at narratives in our writing and have started with character descriptions. We have been working on show don't tell in our descriptions. We have worked hard to show how a character is feeling or what type of character they are by using vivid description, actions and words without actually saying how they are feeling or if they are a nice or nasty character.


Below are three videos of examples of the childrens work. How do you think the character they are describing is feeling?


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Week 1


We have had a fantastic full week back at school and have made such an amazing start with so much hard work already.


In RE we have discussed unconditional love and those who show us unconditional love. Below are examples of posters that we created in class that show examples of what people do for us because they love us.

We always love when children are so engaged with their learning that they want to go home and either do more work on the topic or learn more. We have had that this week after learning about the titanic Enzo has gone home and drawn this fantastic picture of the titanic. I think we can all agree it is a work of art.
One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.