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Summer 1

W/B: 24.05.21

Week 7

Oil Pastel Resist with Watercolours

This week, Class 2 continued with our Art topic, taking inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky and abstract artwork. 


We experimented with line using oil pastels and worked with water colours on one piece of colourful abstract work. 


The children also, worked with PVA glue to create patterns on black card and after it dried, they used chalk to create their another piece of abstract artwork. These looked absolutely beautiful and are on display in class. 

Amazing work artists!


Have a wonderful half-term and a good rest after all your hard work.

Well done everyone!

Love Miss Garratt heart

W/B: 17.05.21

Week 6

Searching for Ladybirds

This Wednesday, Class 2 started our new science project: The Life Cycle of a Lady Bird.


We started this investigation by visiting the grounds around our school including the playground, field and woodland surrounding our field. Class 2 learnt that there are many different types of ladybirds and they searched for the different types in our school grounds. 


Although the weather was terrible, Class 2 managed to find around five lady birds. The children then came inside and wrote down questions they can answer now on lady birds and questions they would like to know the answers to.


Well done on your hard work scientists!

W/B: 10.05.21

Week 5

Creating Abstract Art in the Style of Kandinsky on an Ipad

This Monday, we used our school ipads to create artwork in the style of Kandinsky. We used software which helped us replicate a circular, bright image we created in order to make bright, bold abstract art.


Well done Class 2 on creating beautiful artwork!

W/B: 03.05.21

Week 4

Recreating Kandinsky's Abstract Artwork

This Tuesday, Class 2 explored the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his works of art further. We looked at Squares with Concentric Circles and we worked with wax crayons to complete this piece of art. 

Well done Class 2 on creating beautiful abstract art this week!

W/B: 26.04.21

Week 3

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

This week, we have developed our ability to compare and order numbers in a variety of representations.


We have used physical and a variety of pictoral representations with the greater than, less than and equal to symbols then, we ordered from the smallest to the greatest and in the opposite direction. 

In PE, we decided to begin our session by ordering ourselves from the shortest to the tallest without speaking to continue developing our knowledge from Maths and to work on our team skills. 

Well done on a fantastic week Class 2, have a lovely weekend and bank holiday Monday!

W/B: 19.04.21

Week 2

PSHE Go-Givers: Litter from The Picnic

This week, Class 2 continued with our new Go-Givers PSHE topic which likes to our Geography focus this term. 


Our topic is called Litter - The Picnic and we are working on:

1. Understanding the problems caused by littering.

2. Taking responsibility for cleaning the environment.


This lesson, we set up the scene where our Go-Giver's had a picnic and left a lot of rubbish in the park. We then discussed what will happen to this rubbish and gave our five best reasons why the Go-Giver Characters should pick up their rubbish and throw it away!


Our reasons included:

The rubbish could hurt animals.

The left-over food will start to smell.

The rubbish might attract rats which can spread disease. 


Excellent PSHE work this week Class 2!


W/B: 12.04.21

Week 1

Developing our ball skills

This week, we have taken part in two great PE sessions outdoors in the sunshine, developing our ball skills further. 


Class 2 started our sessions by moving in a variety of ways and we played 'rob the nest' in our session with Active Fusion. We worked as teams with our own nest (hoop) full of balls to gather the most balls by 'robbing' (taking) one at a time from the opposing teams. Everyone showed great skill and team work. 


After our warm-ups, we took part in activities where we traveled in a variety of ways with a ball and had to avoid defenders in our path.  


We worked on our catching skills as our partners dropped a ball over our shoulder and we had to catch it before it bounced twice. 


We also worked in teams to pass a ball from one end of a line to the other and back without dropping it. This took us a little while to perfect but everyone showed determination and a growth mindset.


Great work to everyone in our team (Class 2) this week!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.