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Autumn Term 2

Week 3

In literacy this week the children have been creating their non-chronological report writing. They have all written a first draft and used their skills and knowledge to edit their work in order to improve it. They have been correcting spellings using dictionaries and our topic word list. They have also been adding sentences which include a subordinate clause to make it more detailed. Super writing class 3!


In Maths the children have been completing their addition work. Most children can now add three digit numbers using the column method and some children can even do this with 4 digits! The children have found it tricky carrying numbers over but have been resilient and kept trying until they succeeded. Children then used their addition skills to answer every day problems including money and measures as well as give reasons for their answers. Next week we will be subtracting mentally and then using the column method.


We completed our Tremors topic this week after a phenomenal amount of learning! The children created a mind map to show how much knowledge they had gained since September and how much they could remember. They thoroughly enjoyed the topic! If you ever find yourself in a volcanic eruption, you are in safe hands…. Class 3 know just what to do to keep safe! Our next topic.... Scrumdiddlyumtious!!!

Week 2

WOW WOW WOW! This week has been the best week to date! The children have been super busy and taken it all in their stride!

To begin, the children painted their volcanoes independently, thinking about the lava flow and where it would be. They were ICT wizards completing their informative posters about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. They used a mixture of pictures and text to create them. They thoroughly enjoyed taekwondo with our PE coach where they were perfecting their skills and building their confidence. In Literacy they have been busy writing their first drafts of their reports which is jam packed full of all the new knowledge they have gained over this half terms topic, Tremors.

The grand finale of the week, was the assembly! What hard work and determination they put into it! They had such a short time to learn their words, choose what they wanted to show you in their books and perform it together as a class. I am blown away by their effort, and the singing.... well....... amazing! HUGE well done class three you are all superstars! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

Week 1

Welcome back everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful holiday with your families! We kick started our week with our very first Taekwondo lesson. We enjoyed it so much! The children were learning how to develop confidence and control. Our Teacher Daniel, was very impressed with how quickly the children developed their skills. 


A HUGE thank you to our parents, that braved the rain, to attend our very messy topic session! I think that this one has got to be the messiest yet! The children had great fun bringing their designs to life, making their paper mache volcanoes based on the Mount Merapi from our class book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. You all did such an amazing job!We look forward to painting them and making them erupt!


The children started their 'create' stage in literacy this week by planning their non-chronological report based on volcanoes. They did a fabulous job of choosing what their paragraphs will be about and came up with some very catchy subheadings to entice the reader.


In Maths we have started developing our fluency with column addition. The children have started to understand that the numbers need to be in the correct columns for this to work. They need to use their place value knowledge to improve this skill.


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