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Autumn Term 1

Week 8

Science Week: Our Fizzy Colours Experiment

This week has been Science Week at St Helen's School so we have taken some time in Class 2 to conduct our own experiments. 


On Tuesday 23rd October we used different equipment including, trays, paint pots, white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring, to see if we could create a chemical reaction!


We succeeded and found the vinegar (acid) mixed with bicarbonate of soda (alkali) causes a chemical reaction and lots of bubbles. 


These bubbles are actually carbon dioxide (CO2and that is a gas.


We have conducted some excellent scientific work. The children recorded their predictions and findings brilliantly as well as really enjoying our experiment.


Well done to all of the scientists in Class 2 this week!

Week 7

Come and See: The Sacrament of Baptism

This week, Class 2 have started our new topic of Signs and Symbols and we have reviewed our knowledge of a Baptism as we have learnt about this ceremony in previous years at St Helen's School. 


The children could recall so many different aspects of a Baptism and acted out different parts beautifully, showing respect at all times. 

Active Fusion: Basketball and Ball Skills

In PE this Thursday we have continued to develop our ball skills and we have started playing some team games which are similar to an adult's basketball game except we don't score in nets, we score by passing it to the child in the hoop. 


The children showed fantastic teamwork and have started showing great skill whilst dribbling, catching and finding a space. 

Whilst Parents Evening was taking place Class 2 worked very hard designing their own structures similar to the towers, bridges and tunnels they have explored in our topic sessions. 

Class 2 produced some fantastic work and brilliant structures as you can see in the photographs.


Parent's evening was a lovely occasion to share how well everyone has been working and to show the fantastic work they have produced so far. 


Well done on your achievements so far Class 2!

Week 6

This week and last, Class 2 worked so hard in their Writing Sessions to learn as much as they could about non-fiction writing. After learning about different features, we have focused on researching nocturnal animals and their habitats.


The children have shown great knowledge on non-fiction books and have gained so much knowledge on nocturnal animals and their habitats as can be seen below in the examples of their informative leaflets. 


We have ended our week by producing wonderful factual pieces of writing on nocturnal animals and the children have really shown how much they have learnt in these past two weeks. 


Fantastic work everyone in Class 2, what a wonderful end to the week!

Non-Fiction Writing - Informative Leaflets on Nocturnal Animals and their Habitats

Week 5

This Thursday, Class 2 were very lucky to have the help of their families and friends in order to make their own castle structures with a variety of materials including, cardboard boxes and tubes, coloured papers, tissue papers and paints. 


Everyone made fantastic structures and we had such fun making them. 


Thank you to everyone that came in order to help us make our afternoon so memorable and exciting. A big thank you as well to those who stayed behind to help us tidy up after a very messy but, enjoyable afternoon.


What a great Parent's Afternoon we had!

Week 4

This Friday, Class 2 read Psalm 19: 1-5 together and we looked at photographs to illustrate the text.  Psalm 19 praises God for all the wonders of creation.


Psalm 19: 1-5

We praise you God.

Each day the sun rises high in the sky to give us light and warmth.

Words are not needed to tell us how wonderful you are:

the silent message reaches everyone, everywhere.

We are full of joy as each new day begins.


After we discussed our psalm we illustrated it with pictures of the sunrise using oil pastels. The children created some beautiful artwork; take a look at the links below to see four lovely examples from our class. 

Week 3

This week, we have explored old and new castles in one of our topic sessions, ordering them from oldest to newest and, we explored famous tunnels from all over the world.


In writing, we have continued looking at the traditional story of Rapunzel and we have retold the story in a big piece of writing at the end of the week. The children worked so hard on their work and should be proud!

Well done Class 2

Week 2

This week, Class 2 have worked together in our PE session on Team Games.


We have played 'Buried Treasure', a game they love when they work as teams to gain as much treasure as they can from the middle of our game whilst travelling in different ways. 


We have also completed lots of different Relay Races together, making sure we encouraged and cheered each other on throughout our races! 


Everyone really enjoyed our PE session this Monday and we are looking forward to working together to develop more of our skills this Thursday with Active Fusion in another PE session!

Week 1

Welcome to Class 2 to our new children!


This week Class 2 made a fantastic start to our school year.


We have had lots of opportunities to share our summer memories and to get to know the children around us and our new surroundings through games and activities. 


The children have also really enjoyed taking part in a new RWI spelling game in our class called YAHOO spellings where they sit back to back with a partner and try to spell a given word. Then, when they are told to, they check if they have got the same spelling as their partner, helping each other to change their answers if they haven't. Finally they shout YAHOO when they have the same and we look at how to spell the word together! 


Class 2 have also loved seeing photographs of their own smiling faces on our Phonics Wall holding a whiteboard, where a new sound will be written every few days to test the children on!


Well done on beginning our school year as you have Class 2 and for showing bravery as, it is a bit nerve-racking entering a new class but, you have shown you are ready for a challenge!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.