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Elf Adventures

We have seen a further two letters arriving from Bobbyknock and Sheneenee this past couple of days, well done Class 4.
It's been a busy few days which have seen the Elves leaving notes for the children who they have seen working extra hard.  I hope they don't put any on the naughty list!
Good Morning, after arriving at school this morning we were shocked to discover the elves riding on a sleigh that was being pulled by dinosaurs - I wonder what will happen next ...
This morning, Miss Lassu and myself arrived in school to find the toys from nursery, along with Bobbyknock and Shaniqua (the class 5 elf) had been up all night racing in the dining hall.  I wonder what will happen next...

Day Two


Bobbyknock was found this morning with the Elf from Class 5, building a snowman in the class room.  He really is a cheeky chappie!

So this week saw the start of our Elf Adventures with the return of Bobbyknock the Elf.  Bobbyknock caused quite a stir last year with Mr Taskers' class.  I hope he will be a lot better behaved this year.
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