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Spring Term 1

Week 6

Class 2's Parent Assembly

Class 2 ended our half-term beautifully this week when they took part in their own assembly sharing our learning, taekwondo and dancing skills, love of music, poetry and exciting opportunities for learning that we have had this year!


Well done Class 2 on a brilliant assembly. 


Have a lovely half-term holiday!

Miss Garratt

Week 5

Gymnastics: Balancing and Jumping

This Thursday, we used our school's apparatus to develop our knowledge of movement, jumping and balancing. 


Everyone in Class 2 showed brilliant skill, balance and concentration whilst on our equipment and we can't wait to develop our skills further next week!


Well done Class 2.



Week 4

Our Musical Instrument Artwork

This Friday, Class 2 looked at different musical instruments and then, we discussed how to sketch and shade. Next, we applied our skills when drawing musical instruments. 


We carefully drew pictures of the instruments in our classroom and we also, looked at photographs when drawing. 


Class 2 created some beautiful artwork for our Beat Band Boogie topic!
Well done everyone on your fantastic work. 

Week 3

PE: Our First Dance Session

This Monday was our first dance session and we started our learning by warming up our bodies.


Then, we experimented and began creating music by using our body parts and different movements to create a variety of sounds helping us learn more about music for our Beat, Band, Boogie topic.


Class 2 did some fantastic learning and created lots of music together!

Week 2

​This Monday, Class 2 had a very special visitor, our caretaker Roger.

Roger brought in many of his musical instruments for us to learn about, listen to and to play. 


We had a fantastic afternoon exploring the different instruments and the sounds they make and it has really helped us gain knowledge for our Beat, Band, Boogie topic. 


Thank you so much to Roger for kindly joining us and teaching Class 2. 

Week 1

Welcome back Class 2!


Everyone has come back from our Christmas holiday ready to learn.


We started our week with lots of fun, watching a Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime at school and it was brilliant. Class 2 and the whole school joined in all the way through and thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Since then we have completed lots of Fraction work in Maths and we have been writing a letter to Roger inviting him to come in to Class 2 to share his many musical instruments with us as our topic is Beat, Band, Boogie! 


We have also learnt this week what the terms optimist and pessimist mean and so, next week we will all aim to be as optimistic as we can, we will also be resilient in Class 2!


Well done on a wonderful first week back everyone.

Miss Garratt

The Pantomime

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.