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Spring Term 2

Week 7

Unfortunately, there have been lots of nasty bugs going around school making people ill, so we decided we would help by creating our own doctors surgery for everyone to attend.  We had lots of fun acting out being patients and doctors.  We made appointment for everyone and bandaged them up when they were hurt.  Well done, Superheroes. 

We love Monday morning book swap because we get to share our books with our friends.  We are all becoming so much more confident at using the pictures and talking about what we think might happen in the story.  After book swap, some of us enjoyed snuggling up on the beanbag and reading to each other.  What a superb start to the week. 

In PE this week we practised our throwing and catching skills with a bean bag.  Some of us were able to throw up high above their head and still catch it.  We were super proud. 

As part of our Easter celebrations we learnt all about hot cross buns.  Today we enjoyed toasting and tasting some too.  We thought they were delicious.  

Today we enjoyed a fun, Easter Day.  We melted some chocolate and added some shredded wheat to make delicious Easter nests.  We placed a chick into an egg and placed it on top of the nest.  They looked brilliant and we couldn’t wait to show our grownups so we could eat them.  

Week 6


This week is an extra special week because it is a week where we focus on celebrating our differences.  As part of Autism Awareness week we discussed the things that make us unique and identified the things we like about ourself and others.  We celebrated these differences by working together to create a rainbow of love.  We are proud to be ourselves and proud to be part of Sacred Heart.  

In math this week we have continued to learn all about measures.  This week our focus was to make comparisons of continuous amounts. To do this we used multi link cubes to measure the height and length of objects in and around Nursery.  With our partners we compared these measurements.  We are able to talk about the differences and say which object is the tallest, shortest or longest.  

Our PE lessons with Mr Johnson are lots of fun. We are gaining confidence travelling around and participating in games with greater understanding of the rules and tactics.  We have developed our coordination, balance and spatial awareness. 

Friday is one of our favourite days because we enjoy baking a tasty treat.  We are becoming more familiar with the ingredients and method for making tasty buns.  We enjoyed baking but are even more excited to taste them.  

Week 5


This week our core story is Rainbow Fish.  We have really enjoyed listening to the story.  We discussed the main events in the story and agreed that the Rainbow Fish wasn’t very kind or a good friend at the beginning of the story.  He did change throughout the story and learnt to share and be friendly.  We all tried hard to be like the Rainbow Fish and when we were kind and made a great decision we celebrated with special stickers and created our own Rainbow Fish filled with our good deed and kind gestures.  

Take a look at some of our wonderful Rainbow Fish creations.  

On Friday we even made our own tasty Rainbow Fish biscuits.

On the 21st March we all joined together to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.  We all wore brightly coloured, odd socks as a way of celebrating our differences.  

We then created our own bright, odd socks using paints.  Take a look at our wonderful creations.  

Week 4


This week we prepared some special gifts for our wonderful mothers.  We each created a card and wrapped up some beautiful daffodils. 

Our core book for the past two weeks has been Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson.  We absolutely love her stories and this is definitely one of our favourites.  We used the paints to create our own Monkey paintings.  We learnt the Monkey Puzzle song and even know how to do the macaron signs for the song too.  

Week two


This week we have had an extra busy week.  On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday.  This is the last day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.  Lent is the Christian period leading up to Easter, a time when many people fast or give up something they love.  We enjoyed tasting some delicious pancakes with lots of tasty toppings.  



Week 1
On Tuesday we also had fun with Mr Burgin in the hall for PE.  We warmed up our bodies and practised finding spaces around the hall.  We played lots of fun games like traffic lights and the cone game.  We had to listen carefully to Mr Burgin's instructions so that we knew how to play.  

On Wednesday we had our first dance lesson with Miss Ellie.  We moved in lots of different ways and used our bodies to create small and large shapes.  We practised jumping in the air and tried to jump as high as we could.  We learnt that if we bent our knees we could jump higher.  It was lots of fun and we can't wait to see Miss Ellie again next week. 

On Wednesday we celebrated Ash Wednesday.  We celebrated by gathering together in a circle and learnt about Lent.  Miss Clayton used the ashes to make the sign of the cross on our foreheads.  The ashes are made from the palm leaves from last years palm crosses. Father Declan blessed them for us beforehand.  

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.