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Spring Term 1

Week 6


We have had another busy week in Nursery.  In phonics we have been practising segmenting and blending words.  To segment the words we have been pretending to be robots.  Robots speak very slowly so we can hear all the different sounds in the word.  For example, cat in robot speak is "c-a-t".  We have become really good at listening carefully to the robot talk and have been able to blend all the sounds back together and say the word.   Some of our newer children have been practising singing traditional nursery rhymes.  Nursery rhymes are very important as they teach us all about rhyming and are the first poems that we learn to recite and this will help us as we get older.    

This week we have being exploring space.  We read the story "Whatever Next!" by Jill Murphy.  We used the small world resources to retell the story.  We used our imagination to transform a box into our very own space rocket.  Then we put on our space suits and helmets and blasted off into space.  We even had a picnic on the moon, just like Baby Bear did in the story!

We really enjoyed the story "Whatever next!" and have been busy painting pictures of the main characters.  Can you guess who we painted? Baby Bear or the Owl? You will find more of our fabulous paintings on display in Nursery. 

Whatever Next paintings

This week has been a much brighter week and so we have had lots of fun exploring outside and have played new games with our friends.  We enjoyed playing musical instruments and singing songs as well as playing racing games on the vehicles. 

Week 5


Today is a special day all around the world because it is Chinese New Year.  In Nursery we have celebrated by listening to the story about a special race with lots of animals.  We found out which animal we were born in the year of.  Afterwards we got to taste Chinese noodles and prawn crackers.  We thought the oodles of noodles were delicious.  We even made a Chinese lantern.

Chinese New Year celebrations


On Wednesday we walked to the library.  Debbie read us a story called "Dear Zoo".  It was very good. After listening to the story we sang a song about bananas and it was a little bit silly.  We went on a hunt for pictures around the library and when we had finished we got a sticker.  We all chose a book to bring back to nursery so we can listen to them at story time.  The ladies at nursery we very kind and let us have a special snack there too.  We have had a fun time at the library. 

Week 4


We have had another very busy week in nursery.  In literacy this week we have read the story "We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  We have really enjoyed it.  Whilst having snack on Wednesday we actually watched the video too.  We realised the people in the story were all children, just like us!  We have used the small world and even the beebot, a special robot, to help us retell the story.  In the snow on Friday we went on a bear hunt outside, but we didn't find a bear!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

As part of our exploration topic we went out into the cold and searched for creatures.  We didn't find anything except lots of frosty cobwebs!

Searching for creatures

We have had fun making chocolate chip cookies.  We are getting very good at following the recipe carefully.  We took our cookies home....I hope they tasted delicious!

Baking chocolate chip cookies

We added different objects to water and put them outside overnight to freeze.  We made predictions about which bowl of water would melt first.  On Friday we brought the bowls of water into Nursery and watched them melt.  The glass beads became free first followed by the gems.  Then the bowl of  sequin snowflakes melted next and finally the glitter bowl melted.  We had another prediction on Friday to explore if all the ice would have melted before we went home and it did!

An icy experiment

Week 3


This week started out quite frosty which was great for our explorers topic because we went on a frosty walk.  It was fascinating to see how the frost had changed things.  It was fun taking a deep breath and blowing out the air because we could see it.  We found the pond frozen over and could see the ice on the leaves.  We followed Mrs Blakemore's frosty footprints to make a trail to the middle of the field, where we found a puddle that had frozen water in it too.  We enjoyed feeling the smooth ice and when we picked up the grass the frost quickly melted.  We took some of the ice into Nursery and predicted what might happen to it.  After it had melted we then talked about why it had melted.  We learnt that when it is very cold things freeze and that things melt when it is warm.  To check our understanding of freezing and melting we put the water tray outside again to check that it would freeze again.  

Week 2


This week we have started our new topic, "Can we explore it?".  We have thought about the different places we would like to explore.  Some of us would like to go into space or explore under the sea and someone would like to explore Egypt so they can see camels and find Mummies!


On Friday we were very lucky because Father Declan came to visit us to talk about all the different celebrations we have in church.  He talked to us about weddings and Easter celebrations.  We learnt that the colours in church change just like our reflection area in Nursery.  Afterward we showed Father Declan some of the photographs we brought in about different celebrations we have enjoyed.  

Week 1


Welcome back everyone and a huge welcome to our new starters. I hope you have all had a wonderful time over the Christmas break and are ready to have another exciting term in Nursery.


We have had lots of fun welcoming and getting to know our new children.  We have been teaching the new children all about our band system, which tells us how many children can play in an area and we have been showing them around.


During circle time we enjoyed listening to each other talk about how they celebrated Christmas and what presents they received.  As part of our RE learning we learnt about Epiphany.  Outside we had lots of fun on the stage with the musical instruments and the microphone.  We put on mini performances for each other.



Show time! Fun on the stage

Mr Johnson played lots of exciting games with us in PE where we got to pretend to be Pirates.  We had to scrub the deck, climb the rigging and walk the plank! We had to listen carefully to all of his instructions.

Pirates took over our PE

On Friday Mrs Sanderson taught the new children how to make playdough.  They had lots of fun exploring the changes in materials and loved seeing and playing with their homemade playdough.

Making playdough

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