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Spring Term 1

This week, Class 5 have been busy enjoying our new text, 'Macbeth.' Having never studied older texts before, we dived into the text and became familiar with vocabulary, such as 'thou', 'morrow', 'ere', 'forsooth' and 'shalt' by role playing an Act of the play.


We then created story maps to summarize the key events throughout the play, with a focus on the character of Lady Macbeth. After this, we each drew our own interpretation of what we thought she would look like, before generating some high-level vocabulary to describe her, with the help of thesauruses and dictionaries.

We then incorporated these into our own character descriptions of her!






In maths, we have continued to work on algebra in practical contexts, before moving onto working out some more complex number sequences, in which the patterns follow an algebraic pattern. We then looked at some more SATs questions, focusing on our own personal areas for development.


For Science Week, we have enjoyed creating our own models of human blood. We began with plasma, and added in the correct percentages of red blood cells (coloured cheerios), white blood cells (mini marshmallows) and platelets (lentils!)


Science Week - Making Blood!

Week 4

In maths, we have moved onto learning all about algebra. We started by exploring the concept with concrete objects, before moving onto solving and writing our own formulae! We have enjoyed looking at algebra and have took on the challenge of it with a fantastic attitude.


In literacy, we have been consolidating our SPaG learning and completing previous SATs questions, in order to see how we are progressing. All staff are proud and impressed of the effort levels, attitude and results that Class 5 are getting!

We have brought our balanced argument to a close; here is a snippet of one of our final drafts:



In topic, we are doing some E-safety work. We have been exploring the type of attention we can receive whilst on social media, and how some of this can be positive or negative. We analysed different scenarios together and used what we had learnt to decide whether it was positive or negative.

We then explored how we could prevent negative attention from happening in the first place, by ensuring we know everyone in our contacts and taking simple precautions:


We have also been busy out of school - Josie has this week completed her Level 1&2 Figure Skating Awards, and Oliver has been boxing for charity at a local event. We are extremely proud of the wide range of talents we have within our class!

Week 3

It has been a busy week in Year 6, and we have been lucky enough to have a visit from a former Team GB athlete, Adele Lassu (Or Miss Lassu Version 2.0, as we nicknamed her)!

We interviewed her and found out how she kept her body primed and fit, in order to excel in her sport of high jump; we were also lucky enough to get some photos with her Olympic Torch!


After that, we created a non-chronological report all about what we had learnt.


In maths, we have moved onto working out the volume of cuboids and cubes, then completed reasoning and problem solving skills. We are now starting to really grasp the structure of how reasoning questions should be answered and the class have worked extremely hard on this difficult subject!


In literacy, we have begun our final draft of our balanced argument. We worked on including the subjunctive mood in our conclusions, in order to convey our person viewpoints as to which decision Cameron should make.

Visit From Adele Lassu - Former Team GB High Jumper

Week 2

This week in Class 5, we have been continuing to work on converting units of measure in maths. We have moved onto converting metric to imperial measures. 


We have investigated problems, including ones that required miles to kilometers and centimeters to inches.



In literacy, we have been working on incorporating an unbiased structure into our argument of whether Cameron should go through with xenotransplantation or not. We have also generated a fantastic word bank, which will help to extend our ever-growing vocabulary.



In topic, we have had Music Week. We began by researching our favourite love song lyrics and creating our own graphology based upon them. We have taken the song 'Fast Car' by Tracy Chapman, analysed it, then created our own versions of the song. We had a fantastic range of ideas, from Yoda's version to a turbo tractor!

Week 1


This week, we have started 2018 on the right foot and have been working extremely hard!


In maths, we have begun learning about measurement. We have built a foundation of knowledge in converting metric units this week, such as grams to kilograms, and meters to kilometers, vice versa. Next week, we will be moving onto converting imperial to metric units, and working on our reasoning skills.


In literacy, we have been working on the structure of a balanced argument. We have analysed some good examples of existing arguments, then looked at the differences between biased and balanced arguments. We have also worked on skills which could help with the formality of our final draft, including using the subjunctive mood.


We have been lucky enough to have a visit from Jane Tute, who is works is a specialist nurse in the field of organ donation and transplantation. She taught Class 5 all about the procedures, as well as the ethics behind transplantation and donation. The children responded fantastically and had some very mature responses, and it will really help us have some real-life context in our writing.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.