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Summer 1

Week 5

We have been learning about limericks in Class 3 and the children have come up with some really good and funny ones. Ask your child if they can remember their limerick or see if they can make one up for you. 

Have a lovely holiday and see you in 2 weeks. Let's hope the sun continues to shine.

Week 4

This week we had the priviledge of 4 children from Class 3 and myself attending The Catholic Cathedral of St. Marie's in Sheffield for the Good Shepherd Service. The service was dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and it was lovely. The children presented the money to the Bishop that we had raised to help the good causes supported by the Catholic church. They were very well behaved and it was an honour to take them.

Week 3

The year 4's had a really good time at St Pius. It was very a very cold day and both Mrs Goddard and I were blue at the end of it. The children were warm because they were running around. Their favourite was the gym. They had the use of lots of different apparatus which they enjoyed using. It was a fun day.

Week 2

We have been thinking about friends and why they are special and what would they miss about that special person if they weren't in their lives anymore. The children came up with some lovely answers such as I would miss them making me laugh. I would miss their support. Great answers.

This month is the month of Our Lady and we are celebrating in school by asking the children to bring flowers in for Mary's Prayer station in the hall. I hope we can make a beautiful display.

The Year 4's are off to St Pius again for a sports day. Pictures next wee.

Week 1

Welcome back to school. I hope you had a nice Easter break. The children have come back to making jam or cheese sandwich's ready for their instruction writing. It was a good start to the half term. They are also finding out about how rivers are formed and the different names of the parts of a river.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.