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Spring 1

Week 2


What a week it has been! Class 3 have worked very hard once again this week, engaging well both in school and through home learning. 


In Guided Reading this week, we developed our retrieval, comprehension and summary skills whilst reading The Rainforest Grew All Around. 


In Literacy, the children explored the essential features of narrative writing and developed a plan to create their own narrative piece of writing, inspired by The Pebble in My Pocket. We have also completed plenty of SPAG exercises, focusing this week on personal pronouns, adverbs and prepositions. 


In Maths, Class 3 have continued to learn about fractions. This week, children have confidently completed various activities to develop their understanding of adding and subtracting fractions. 


In Geography, we have learnt about physical and human features of Europe. Next week, we are going to investigate a specific location in Europe and think about how physical and human features may effect a locations population.


Thank you for your continuous hard work and engagement with home learning. Have a lovely weekend and a well-deserved rest! Happy Friday! 


Week 1


Class 3 have worked incredibly hard this week, both in school and accessing home learning.


In Guided Reading this week, we have looked at our new book The Rainforest Grew All Around. We have made a prediction about the text and retrieved key information about the Amazon rainforest and the Amazon river.


In Literacy the children have used our class book The Pebble in my Pocket to explore, develop and create a setting description, including exciting adjectives and similes.


 In Maths, class 3 have been looking at unit and non-unit fractions. I have been very impressed with the creative ways used to explore fractions at home, using the resources available.


In Science this week, we started our Rocks and Soils module, studying natural and human made rocks. This links very well to our Geography topic this term.


In Geography, we explored our topic focus of Europe. We used Google Maps and Google Expeditions to explore differing landscapes in Europe, comparing population, climate and vegetation.


Keep up the hard work!

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